• Mother's Day Gifts For The Spiritual Mom

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    mother's day gifts for a spiritual momMother's Day is May 14th in the U.S. Many cultures honor the mother. For instance to Catholics it is strongly associated with the Virgin Mary. In the Hindu tradition it is called Mata Tirtha Aunsh, in Buddhism the festival is called Ullambana, and in early Germanic and Celtic societies it was very common to honor the elders and specially the mothers. So while it's a secular holiday it is also celebrated in cultures and religions around the world. What's the perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom? We have you covered. The following mother's day gifts are either symbolic in many faiths or are considered broadly spiritual in nature and as we say, pray your way. 

    mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    The evil eye is a symbol that is recognized in many cultures. From Islam to Judaism to Christianity this symbol is known as an agent of protection and is deeply rooted in tradition. This ring is a modern take on that ancient symbol and the perfect mix of spirituality and fashion. Mystic Evil Eye Ring, $37

    incense mother's day gift for spiritual mom

     Incense is a great way to create energy in a space. It's great for meditation, for cleansing your space or just aiding the sense of smell with spiritual scents. We favor the Appreciation Stick Incense with jasmine, lavender and amber for all we appreciate in our mom's. $8

    essential oil blend mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    We think this is the ultimate 'hippie oil' with patchouli, amber and geranium. An earthy and sensual scent blended from pure essential oils. Works great on hair, skin, in an oil burner, wherever you want to add a spiritual vibe. Signature Blend Essential Oil by Mirah Naturals, $30

    market tote mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    She's off to the farmer's market, a yoga or meditation class, or she prefers to carry her goods in a ethically fashioned bag. The totes from Darzah are hand embroidered by women in Palestine and all the components that make up this bag are ethically sourced. The perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom.

     The Shajara (tree in Arabic) Market Bag, $69 


    Blessings to all mothers this holiday- wherever you are in this beautiful world. 

    Love & light- 


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  • From Food To Fashion-Our Quick Passover Seder Guide

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    passover guide food and fashion

    Passover start Monday, April 10th and runs for a little more than a week. You may be hosting or invited to a Passover Seder, a ritual feast that marks the start of the holiday. Faithhaus has a quick tips from food to fashion to make your Seder experience delightful.


    Important to many cultures is modesty. Think Sunday best and we aren't highlighting your tan or your skin. We think this gives a great opportunity for style so here's our thoughts on basics and where to buy.


    passover style for her

    We start with the skirt- straight but not a pencil. It is flattering but not too revealing and this print is perfect for Spring! The pink blouse is modest of course but really fun with the big bows on the sleeves and the bright pink color. J.Crew does the greatest statement jewelry pieces and the we add a little flair with the gray fedora. More on this outfit here.


    Passover style for him

    We like classic with a twist. This look is pretty straightforward and dare we say safe, but the orange patterned pocket square lets everyone know he's not the pocket-protector type. The blazer lends a bit of formality but when removed you still have a polished look. This guy has a lot of flare? Wrap the handkerchief around the neck! Shop the look here.


    passover outfits for a boy and a girl

    Cute separate for your boy and your girl. The embellished cardigan keeps her modest. Dress him up or down with accessories and both looks available for the real littles and up. Shop the looks here.


    passover dessert toffee matzoh

    Ok, this is borderline outrageous (ly good!!!). Salted Toffee Matzoh from Baked Bree- we L-O-V-E. Surprise your host or your guests with this delicious take on cookie made with that Passover staple, matzoh. Simple, nice to look at and yum!


    kosher cocktail for passover

     Kosher cocktail you exclaim? Yes. The crew at Family Friends Food found kosher gin and has this recipe for The Jewish Mother's Ruin Gin Cocktail. How clever we say! And refreshingly Spring to boot.


    ceramic pomegranates seder decor

    Set your table with a little color and honor your roots with these ceramic pomegranates from Tzad Sheni. These sweet designs come in a couple sizes and we love not only their representation but their organic qualities. Handmade.


    passover vacation

    Yes, you can go on holiday during Passover. The Mexican Riviera has a beautiful resort called the Fairmont Mayakoba that offers a kosher experience and hey, book soon because this trip sells out!

    Enjoy your holiday all!


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  • Easter Is Coming! A Quick Guide From Food to Fashion

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    the easter guide on food and fashionEvery year the bunny comes knockin' and we remember to go to church, dress nice, hunt for eggs, have brunch and so on. While the day is about Jesus we are helping you with the rest. Behold our Easter guide from food to fashion.



    We start with the dress and we like classic with a twist. The lower neckline and bows on the sleeves keep this from being too stuff. Floral pumps are different and remind everyone that Spring is here! And there aren't enough occasions that call for a hat so go for it and have some fun. We don't include a hat with a bow or ribbon so the dress can make the statemet on its own. For outfit details, click here


    easter men's fashion

    A lot of men are uncomfortable getting edgy with fashion. Again our mantra is classic with a twist so ditch the pleats for flat front pants. The mint-y green color gives a Spring vibe and keeps away from ubiquitous khaki chinos. Keep the belt and shoes light and ALWAYS MATCH. If your guy has a sense of humor hand him a floral or polka dot handkerchief for the pocket and let him keep his mala beads on. For details, click here


    easter style for boys and girls

    The kids just want to run and play so we don't like stuff when it comes to kids- any time. We do think there's still a way to elevate their look that's appropriate for the occasion while keeping them comfy. On this adorable girl's linen outfit, the bloomers on the bottom allow her to still run with the kids when she wants all the eggs. The bloomers and top come in this natural ivory so have fun with shoes or a headband. A tie for your little guy takes it up a notch and the embroidered chalice honors the occasion. Roll up the sleeves when it comes to fun and keep the feet happy with durable Vans. Why spend money on fancy leather shoes that don't get much wear. For details, click here. 


    easter appetizer martha stewart

    Deviled eggs are always on our menu so when we find a new way we are thrilled to say the least! Martha Stewart is always on point when it comes to holiday. Give this egg-cellent recipe a try and treat your guests on Easter. We like it with sparkling rose by the way...Deviled Eggs With Apples


    easter cocktail

    Cocktail with an egg? Yes if it's a chocolate malted egg! Vodka, Baileys and Cadbury eggs we do! Serve this instead of dessert... Mini Egg Martini 


    Easter table decor

    This table setting was actually featured in a Thanksgiving piece written by Rebbeca Parsons on Cre8tive Compass. It's so fabulous and with the yellow, blue and sunflowers we think it fantastic for Easter. Exchange sunflowers for tulips? The mismatched plates and sunny tablecloth are the perfect boho chic vibe for our celebration. More on her story, click here...


    diy gold easter eggs

    What is it about gold with a pastel peeking through? Absolutely luxe looking and a bit messy if you will- these DIY Gold Leaf Eggs from Little Inspiration are easy and gorgeous! Place in some raffia grass and an organic wooden bowl for that high-low design.


    Easter travel destinations

    Bucovina, Romania is known for it's churches and it's Easter egg decorations. A great guide to Easter travel comes from Travelaway.me and they detail five off the most perfect spots to bless your bunny! 

    Happy Easter! FH


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  • St. Paddy's Day Style

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    st patrick's day style

    St. Patrick was a real saint and one of the most popular. He used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity and converted entire kingdoms to Christianity with his message. We can see how that has translated to modern times- we wear many version of the clover and entire cities celebrate the day in his honor. We've found a few ways to incorporate shamrock green into your day, or month! 


    st paddy's day men's style

    Straight from the streets of Berlin and we got you covered. 

    -the plaid pants. You need these every year, and then again for that Irish wedding you get invited too. Fancy plaid pants from Tuckernuck , $198

    -who doesn't love cashmere? The sweater from Brooks Brothers we love, and go for it- add your beads, necklaces, all your glam! $49.50

    -the gently (well, kind of) worn Blundstones. Ebay.com, price varies. 


    st patricks day makeup

    The eyebrows are the bomb! I think the liner wing and the lashes are a must as well. This eyeshadow trio from Kat Von D is intense pigment with staying power and we love the three shades of green. $24

    green eyeshadow


     St Patrick's Day outfit

     We love to dress for an occasion. Green, of course, with pops of blue and white. Let's break this down:

    -the t-shirt. Lightweight slub tee from American Eagle. Lightweight for all the jigs you will dance! $20

    -the cocktail ring by Kate Spade. A little bit of elevation is a good thing. Specially after too much of our green cocktails! Similar here  $38.50

    -the green blazer. Start the day/night off with a polished look. Plus layers are good for all the moving around you will do. Banana Republic $198

    -white jeans. We wear them all year and Nordstrom Rack has you covered with these deconstructed Joe's Jeans. $80

    -green flats. No heels on this night. You need a steady foot and the ability to dance. We love the green suede from J Crew and the blue pom-poms play off the t shirt. $98


    st patrick's day cocktails

    This cocktail looks refreshing, and it's green! This is the Cucumber Serrano Margarita from the Kitchy Kitchen. Whether you are hosting a fest at your house or meeting friends out- start your night with a kick. 


    green deviled eggs

    Combining two of our favorite things: avocados and deviled eggs! Yum. We would add a sprinkle of paprika cuz our eggs just aren't devilish without it. Find the recipe at Allrecipes- a quick an easy way to impress on St Paddy's Day! 


    Killarney National Park

    St Patrick's Day is not all about the bars.  A walk amongst the green would honor the saint just as well. This is the beautiful Killarney National Park in Ireland. Perhaps you will find your shamrock hidden amongst the waterfalls...


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  • New Season, New Room: Home Decor Makeover On A Budget

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    home decor

    Welcome, Spring!  On your goals/new projects for the new season, you’ve probably included a desire to make your home or apartment more – you.  It can be hard to find unique design ideas, that will make your home distinct and reflect your originality, but no worries, the FaithHaus team has assembled a list of home decor revamps that will totally change the vibe of a room, without breaking your budget.

    Be sure to follow FaithHaus on Instagram, for inspiration on spirituality, wellness and good living in 2017.

  • 4 Wall Decals ($9.99 - $53)
  • Perfect for apartments or college dorm rooms, wall decals personalize a space without threatening your deposit.  Wall decals are basically a really strong sticker, adding personalization to your home – and no trips to the paint department at your local hardware store!  We love the black and white lotus to help make your home into a spiritual retreat, or the Flowered Deer Wall Decal for the hipster-types.  Full listing of our wall decals here.

    lotus wall decal

  • Handwoven Meditation Cushions ($25 - $45.99)
  • If you want to be more mindful in 2017, with a goal to meditate, you may want to look into creating a specific space in your home to meditate.  Sitting on a hard floor can make it hard on the joins, and hard for the mind to focus, and with three cushion options with different levels of comfort, you can choose what works for you.  (Also, be sure to check out the three types of incense on FaithHaus, incense smoke can help “signal” your body that it’s time to meditate and calm your thoughts.)  View all of our meditation cushions here.

    meditation cushion

  • Rangoli Wall Tapestry ($40 - $85)
  • Rangoli is an art form native to Nepal, India and Bangladesh, wherein artisans weave large tapestries.  This tapestry is a sure conversation starter, and comes with a beautiful rod to hang.  We recommend placing it on a large wall in a living or dining room, so that visitors to your home can enjoy its beauty.  Learn more about the Rangoli Wall Tapestry here.

    rangoli wall hanging

  • Sage Smudge Kit - Cleanse Your Space
  • “Smudging” is the ancient practice of using smoke from specific plants to cleanse one’s space.  Using this spiritual practice, you can reboot and refresh your space, without debating design choices!  Check out this article from our blog to learn more about the practice, and add the smudge kit to your cart here.

    smudge kit

  • Hanging Lantern Candle Holder
  • Perfect for corners of your space that don’t get a lot of natural light, these candle holders cast beautiful shadows on the wall, using the flickering light of a candle. Perfect for meditation practices, or putting in a bathroom to unwind after a long day.  

    These lanterns are also just the thing for an outdoor garden or patio space, providing mood lighting for romantic summer evenings – just make sure to extinguish them before turning in for the night!  

    moroccan lantern

    What home decor or life changes are you planning for 2017?  Be sure to subscribe to the FaithHaus newsletter, for inspiration on living a better life, inclusive of all faith and spiritual practices where we learn from one another (and you’ll also get exclusive coupons only available through the email list!)

    faithhaus retail

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