• Summer Soltice: Rituals For A New Season

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    summer solstice rituals

    A solstice is a time for celebration. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Having rituals honors occasion and in this case it honors the new season and the changes that come with that. We suggest honoring the Sun God in a few simple ways. An of course we have things you can buy for each idea but you can easily find or make your own items. 


    Do you need to dress up for solstice? Of course not! But why not have fun with the occasion and make it memorable for you and those you celebrate with. This time of year there is an abundance of flowers. You might notice lots of weddings too. The sunlight allows these flowers to grow and we like to honor that process with a floral crown or headpiece. Perfect for that beach-y or forest-y wedding and perfect for your solstice celebration. $59, shop here.  Make your own a la Lauren Conrad, read here


    Writing down your intentions is always good practice. The changing of the seasons is a great time to set new goals or intentions and writing them down helps to solidify them. We also like to write down what we want to change or get rid of and then burn it! Yes, throw those pages in the backyard bonfire and say goodbye to old bad habits. Aum Journal $38, shop here. DIY- grab any old paper you have, write down your thoughts and burn or manifest.


    basil and orange bath oil

    We talk about essential oils a lot at FaithHaus. They have such a deep history in spirituality and religion. Long used in rituals and this blend is perfect for a solstice bath. Basil oils and nectarine (orange) oils are all associated with the summer heat. Draw a bath and add a few drops of this luxe oil and set intentions for an uplifting and productive summer. Bath oil $20, shop here. DIY- our go-to make of all things essential oil at Fresh-Picked Beauty, see here. 


    incense for summer solstice

    We are obsessed (underscore and exclamation) with the incense cones from Age of Earth. Mystical blends that take you to another place- we love these for meditation and any ritual that calls for a beautiful blend of vetiver and holy basil. Buy here, $14  DIY- yes you can make your own incense cones! Find out how here


    Have a magical solstice friends! 

    Love and light,

    love and light

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  • The Father's Day Gift Guide For The Spiritual Dad

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    father's day gift guide

    Father's Day is June 18th in the U.S. It's largely a secular holiday and is celebrated in countries around the world (on different days). What's the perfect Father's Day gift for the spiritual Dad? We have you covered. The following Father's Day gifts are considered broadly spiritual in nature and can help your Dad reach his higher self. 


    extra long yoga mat

    Yoga is a great way to stay centered and physically fit. Many dads have realized this and we have the perfect yoga mat for him. Extra Long and emblazoned with "You Are Awesome". A daily reminder of how much he means to you. Made from jute and eco-friendly! $86, shop here


    tibetan lucky knot bracelet

    Lucky knot bracelets are just that- your reminder that luck is on your side. These are made by Tibetan Buddhists, are unisex and fit any size wrist. These adjustable rope bracelets are worn to bring the wearer good luck and to attract all that is good. $11 or 3 for $30, shop  


    vegan beard oil 

    A lot of dads have beards and they need to be taken care of. At FaithHaus we have oil that's vegan, kosher and halal! Help him help himself. With luxurious, all-natural ingredients and great scents like sandalwood. Treat that beard right! $15-$21, shop here


    ceremonial matcha tea

    Drinking matcha tea is steeped in tradition. The Buddhists have had tea ceremonies for centuries and drinking this pure matcha is good for the soul and the body. Packed with antioxidants, the ritual of drinking tea can lead to vitality and lasting health. If your dad doesn't drink tea already, maybe it's time to start. $17-$70, shop here 


    We hope your dad feels special next Sunday. At FaithHaus we are all about spritual health which we think leads to physical health as well. Love & light!


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  • Everything Pink!

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    everything pink and spiritual pink

    Pink is all the rage these days, just like unicorns! While we love the color pink, we wanted to see if there was any deeper meaning for this color. It turns out pink is a symbol for love and peace. It represents femininity, the heart chakra and is a symbol of spring. Perhaps people are drawn to pink right now because as the world gets smaller and we all come together our desire is for peace, love and big hearts. 

    Here are a few things you can add to your spiritual practice that bring pink into your world...


    pink mandala tapestry

    The mandala is a symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism representing the universe. These gorgeous round Indian mandala tapestry is perfect for meditation, the beach or yoga. Poly/cotton blend means it doesn't shrink and you can wash and go. Bring spirit to your workout or your relaxation with this intricate mandala design. Namaste! Approximately 5 feet diameter. $14.99, shop here


    Signature blend hippie oil


    Essential oils have been used in prayer and healing for centuries. They can help to open the mind during meditation, having energizing or calming properties, and can help release chemicals in the brain that aid what your soul needs. Using the finest therapeutic grade essential oils of pink grapefruit, lavender, geranium, sweet orange, patchouli, sandalwood and amber resin, this luscious blend invokes a sense of peace and tranquillity wherever you may be. We call it the ultimate "hippie oil"! Place a few drops around your room, in a diffuser, or on your skin. $30, shop here


    Pink faux human skull

    Before you scream at us for being morbid, realize that in Buddhism and Hinduism the skull is a strong spiritual symbol. The Buddhist consider emptiness as a quality of the universe and the skull is the ultimate symbol of emptiness. It's a good thing. To Hindus this is the natural progression of life and the skull symbol is often used on necklaces and malas to representing the ability to conquer death. These faux human skulls are made from resin and the pink takes it to a whole new artistic level. We love these in your office or living room as a reminder that each experience is new to you! 7" tall. $39.99, shop here 


    mala beads with pink tassels

    Mala beads, or prayer beads, are used in meditation to count your mantras. This beautiful mala is handmade with rhodolite garnet beads. These beads represent the heart chakra and receive and radiate the frequency of love. The pink tassel is an added touch of pink joy. $325, shop here

    1.4.3 (I LOVE YOU) CANDLE

    1.4.3. I love you soy candle

    While this candle isn't pink, it's all about love so we had to include it. 1.4.3 is code for I Love You. Pure essential oils blended to manifest love: coconut, rose, and vanilla. All cotton wick, recycled glass and all made in the USA. Set your intention and light... $20, shop here

    Here's to a pink spring and summer

    love faithhaus

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  • Mother's Day Gifts For The Spiritual Mom

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    mother's day gifts for a spiritual momMother's Day is May 14th in the U.S. Many cultures honor the mother. For instance to Catholics it is strongly associated with the Virgin Mary. In the Hindu tradition it is called Mata Tirtha Aunsh, in Buddhism the festival is called Ullambana, and in early Germanic and Celtic societies it was very common to honor the elders and specially the mothers. So while it's a secular holiday it is also celebrated in cultures and religions around the world. What's the perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom? We have you covered. The following mother's day gifts are either symbolic in many faiths or are considered broadly spiritual in nature and as we say, pray your way. 

    mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    The evil eye is a symbol that is recognized in many cultures. From Islam to Judaism to Christianity this symbol is known as an agent of protection and is deeply rooted in tradition. This ring is a modern take on that ancient symbol and the perfect mix of spirituality and fashion. Mystic Evil Eye Ring, $37

    incense mother's day gift for spiritual mom

     Incense is a great way to create energy in a space. It's great for meditation, for cleansing your space or just aiding the sense of smell with spiritual scents. We favor the Appreciation Stick Incense with jasmine, lavender and amber for all we appreciate in our mom's. $8

    essential oil blend mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    We think this is the ultimate 'hippie oil' with patchouli, amber and geranium. An earthy and sensual scent blended from pure essential oils. Works great on hair, skin, in an oil burner, wherever you want to add a spiritual vibe. Signature Blend Essential Oil by Mirah Naturals, $30

    market tote mother's day gift for spiritual mom

    She's off to the farmer's market, a yoga or meditation class, or she prefers to carry her goods in a ethically fashioned bag. The totes from Darzah are hand embroidered by women in Palestine and all the components that make up this bag are ethically sourced. The perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom.

     The Shajara (tree in Arabic) Market Bag, $69 


    Blessings to all mothers this holiday- wherever you are in this beautiful world. 

    Love & light- 


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  • From Food To Fashion-Our Quick Passover Seder Guide

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    passover guide food and fashion

    Passover start Monday, April 10th and runs for a little more than a week. You may be hosting or invited to a Passover Seder, a ritual feast that marks the start of the holiday. Faithhaus has a quick tips from food to fashion to make your Seder experience delightful.


    Important to many cultures is modesty. Think Sunday best and we aren't highlighting your tan or your skin. We think this gives a great opportunity for style so here's our thoughts on basics and where to buy.


    passover style for her

    We start with the skirt- straight but not a pencil. It is flattering but not too revealing and this print is perfect for Spring! The pink blouse is modest of course but really fun with the big bows on the sleeves and the bright pink color. J.Crew does the greatest statement jewelry pieces and the we add a little flair with the gray fedora. More on this outfit here.


    Passover style for him

    We like classic with a twist. This look is pretty straightforward and dare we say safe, but the orange patterned pocket square lets everyone know he's not the pocket-protector type. The blazer lends a bit of formality but when removed you still have a polished look. This guy has a lot of flare? Wrap the handkerchief around the neck! Shop the look here.


    passover outfits for a boy and a girl

    Cute separate for your boy and your girl. The embellished cardigan keeps her modest. Dress him up or down with accessories and both looks available for the real littles and up. Shop the looks here.


    passover dessert toffee matzoh

    Ok, this is borderline outrageous (ly good!!!). Salted Toffee Matzoh from Baked Bree- we L-O-V-E. Surprise your host or your guests with this delicious take on cookie made with that Passover staple, matzoh. Simple, nice to look at and yum!


    kosher cocktail for passover

     Kosher cocktail you exclaim? Yes. The crew at Family Friends Food found kosher gin and has this recipe for The Jewish Mother's Ruin Gin Cocktail. How clever we say! And refreshingly Spring to boot.


    ceramic pomegranates seder decor

    Set your table with a little color and honor your roots with these ceramic pomegranates from Tzad Sheni. These sweet designs come in a couple sizes and we love not only their representation but their organic qualities. Handmade.


    passover vacation

    Yes, you can go on holiday during Passover. The Mexican Riviera has a beautiful resort called the Fairmont Mayakoba that offers a kosher experience and hey, book soon because this trip sells out!

    Enjoy your holiday all!


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