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You've just received your first invitation to an Indian wedding and a couple things pop into your mind: what do you wear and what do you expect? Be prepared for a colorful, lively event filled with family, a HUGE wedding party, lots of great food and amazing clothing, jewelry and tradition. Pretend VOGUE INDIA will be there to photograph this event and go all out (in other words don't be afraid of color and accessorizing)! Here's our suggestions...


First rule- not too much bare chest. Even though you may see stomach, these are still fairly religious ceremonies and exposed breast is a no-no.

The saree (or sari). This is like a long wide scarf or piece of fabric. Often goes around the waist and then up over the shoulder. Embellishment, specially in gold, is very much accepted (and desired!).

photo courtesy of veeshackshop


The lehenga. This is a long embroidered skirt. It is worn with a choli which is the midriff-baring top or blouse. With this outfit you would drape the saree over the top to complete the look.

photo courtesy of @indianstreetfashion


The salwar kameez. This is like a pantsuit and can be worn by a man or woman but the styling is different. The salwar is the pants and the kameez is the shirt or tunic. For women it's a bit more subdued and hides flaws better but you can still have fun with color and styling.

photo courtesy of Ethnicyug


The jutti. Both women and men wear these colorful embroidered slippers. Love these shoes! The come in many styles and colors so have fun with these.

photo courtesy of @turboozeshop


Accessories. Bindis- the dot in the middle of the forehead. Can be from paint or a stick on rhinestone type embellishment. Choora- the layers and layers of sparkly bangle bracelets. Payals- jeweled anklets. You can't go over the top here. More is BETTER.

If you are attending a muslim or sikh wedding you may be required to cover your head with a scarf so good idea to bring one as well. Many weddings now provide these for their guests.



The sherwani. This is a long tailored jacket. More dressy and worn on occasions such as weddings.

Sherwani for Indian Wedding

photo courtesy of @rimple_harpreet_narula

Sherwani men Indian wedding

photo courtesy of @walklikeamaharaja


The kurta pajama. This is a long tunic which is usually lightweight fabric and worn with a lightweight pant that's usually tapered at the bottom. Comes in lots of colors and embroidered.

Kurta pajama

photo courtesy of @koleksibajuraydantunang


The mojari.  Similar to the jutti, an embroidered and embellished slip on shoe.

Mojari men's Indian slipper

photo courtesy of @mojaribazar



They too have the pick of lehenga, kurta pajamas, salwar kameez and saris to choose from. Don't leave the kids out!

photo courtesy of Ed McMahon


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Cover photo from Jen Lynne Photography.


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