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shalom y'all
The creative genius that is the Gorham operation has just opened a new spot- Shalom Y'all in the Pine Street Market. This is a MUST GO TO and soon. Grab your bestie, your mate or your kids and head on over for some of the best shakshuka, shawarma and fennel salad in the Northwest. For one of the least religious cities in America, the culinary options that the Gorham's are exposing  PDX'ers to are deeply rooted in faith and tradition. Shakshuka is a dish of poached eggs, tomatoes, peppers and spices that's popular in Israel where it was introduced by Tunisian and Maghrebi Jews. It can be eaten any time of day-a Jewish version of huevos rancheros if you will. We suggest getting it with the options of sausage AND feta- they know what they are doing here.

shakshuka from shalom y'all

Shakshuka from Shalom Y'All


We weren't even sure we liked fennel but do love candied pecans so gave it a whirl. Honestly, we could eat bowls, BIG bowls of this stuff. Thinly sliced fennel with a tangy vinaigrette type dressing and teeny kernels of sweet pecans. Amazing and a good compliment to the spicier Chicken Shawarma layered with Israeli style pickles.
In addition to Shalom Y'all in the PSM, we have eaten at Pollo Bravo for a taste of Spanish rotisserie chicken. We flock to this shepherd of multi-cultural tasty delights and will continue to try (and love) anything the Gorham's open. In keeping with their generous management style, the staff is knowledgeable, empowered and friendly. Portlanders should bow down and pray to this God of Portland food scene. Just sayin...

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