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dreidel gifts

Is a dreidel a cool gift for Hanukkah? It is if you buy one of these. Before we get to the shopping nuggets let's debrief on what a dreidel is and how it works...

The dreidel by definition is a small four-sided spinning top with a Hebrew letter on each side.  Used by the Jews as a gambling game played with a dreidel, especially at Hanukkah, and known primarily as a children's game.

Probably the most recognized symbol of Hanukkah, the dreidel game consists of spinning the top and guessing which side will will be shown when it stops. On each side of the dreidel there is a Hebrew letter: Nun, Gimmel, Hay, and Shin, which stand for the Hebrew phrase: "Nes Gadol Haya Sham.” When translated this means, “A great miracle happened there.” Love that. 

Shopping for a dreidel has gotten pretty mainstream, so that said- here are FAITHHAUS' 5 picks from boutique to big box store.


pottery barn kids dreidel
This cute little kit at Pottery Barn Kids comes with an embroidered bag, coins and a wooden dreidel all for $16.99 on sale.


the jewish museum dreidel
We love anything made from recycled magazines, wish we could build a house of them! So we were so excited to find this at The Jewish Museum Store and they are the exclusive retailer. $16.

land of nod dreidel

Illustrated by artist Suzy Ultman, these adorable dreidels are sold individually at The Land of Nod for under $4! Painted wood- collect them all.


Tiffany's dreidel
The quintessential Tiffany's does their dreidel in silver and it comes at a price - $270. An heirloom piece one would cherish forever.


EVERYTHING Moroccan we say and then we find a dreidel from Quest Collection that is borderline dreamy! Made of silver and pewter and comes with its own little holder.


No! This isn't a dreidel but it IS dreidel utensils. FUN so we had to include! Made of birch wood by Sucre Shop $12 for a package of 20.


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