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diwali gifts to give

Someone sent a message today sounding a bit desperate and excited. They had been invited to a Diwali party but didn't know what to bring!

A quick lowdown on Diwali...

Diwali is the "festival of lights"- an ancient Hindu festival.  It celebrates good winning out over evil and is one of the largest and most important events of the year.  Indians celebrate with a gathering of families and lights: clay pot lights, lanterns, rangolis, fireworks, bonfires, etc. They also share sweets and worship Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. We should all worship her! Men hug women, women hug men and overall you will take the cues from the family at the house where you have been invited. Be warned- you may be asked to remove your shoes.

What are some great Diwali hostess gifts for that party you were invited to? It is the "thought that counts" first and foremost, however, there are many ways to impress as well. Since sweets are on the top of the list we shall start there.

number 1

alma chocolate gift box

Sweets are beloved and what's better than artisan chocolate? We love this gift pack from Alma Chocolates- the crowns and fleur de lis adding a royal touch. $25, shop here

 number 2

mecca prosperity candle

The coconut is an auspicious puja offering to Hindus. Since a big, round coconut isn't the prettiest gift we like to gift this gorgeous Mecca candle. It's the combination of light AND a prosperous blend of coconut, vanilla, and patchouli. $20, shop here


indian money envelopes
The perfect way to offer money to Goddess Lakshmi is with these money envelopes. Not expected but a great way to participate. You can make your own or buy these beauties from Chain of Joy. $10 for 10 is a steal! Shop here
number 4
purity farms ghee amazon


The gift of ghee. That's right and in this cute little container. Perhaps easy to find at your local co-op or health food store. Purity Farms Ghee is a delightful gift that will win over the chef of the house. $10.95 for a 13 oz jar. Shop here


number 5

sandalwood incense


Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs in Ayurveda. Smoke is believed to help ward off evils. Sandalwood incense is the perfect gift to help your recipient welcome all that is good into their life. 50 sticks per container. $20, shop here 

Other ideas for Diwali hostess gifts are wine or liqueur (depending on the tastes of the host), olive oil, or flowers. These are all suggestions that can help you get creative and if it's last-minute you can pick up your local, handcrafted, artisan version of the above.  Namaste.

 Love and light!

love and light faithhaus


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