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It has arrived! Portland Greek Festival. The annual harbinger of Fall, Greek dancing and drinking beer on cool days. We decided to hit it early for lunch and load up on all things Greek.
souvlaki portland greek festival
Souvlaki (anyone remember the Souvlaki Stop in Portland circa 1990 ish?), Greek Salad, Hummus, Gyros, Portland beer, and Greek wine!
komboloi portland greek festival
For those who aren't familiar with komboloi they are the Greek worry beads or prayer beads. They were originally used by the monks in Mount Athos but today are seen as more of a fun and relaxing activity as you move the beads around.
jesus buttons
We don't think there is specific religious significance to a bunch of buttons depicting Christ other than hey, if you wear one of these you are a true believer! Or you just like buttons :) A bunch of these buttons makes for a cool pic and it's an inexpensive way to partake ($1!!)
matisma portland greek festival
The matiasma, or the classic Greek evil eye symbol. This blue amulet protects the wearer from the gaze of the evil eye. Wear this and you stand protected.
pastries at portland greek festival
This picture doesn't do their baking skills justice. Picture this rack times about 10 wide and 4 high of every Greek pastry you can imagine. And they will sell it out!
loukamades portland greek festival
Ok, these delicious honey coated puffballs are loukoumades otherwise known as FANTASTIC! The big container to the right of her (our left) is a tub of warm honey with a spout. They pour it on these fried poufs and then sprinkle with cinnamon.
lamb on a spit at portland greek festival
Much to the delight of my lunch dates they had fresh lamb broiling on a spit. Um, it's not easy to look at even for a meat eater. No judgment. And we love lamb souvlaki so here it is in almost all its glory (gory). Appropriately placed LAMB. #souvlaki
They hadn't started the dancing by the time we left so perhaps a trip back tomorrow night for more Greek wine, dine and horos. Everybody say OPA!


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