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It is the month of May and it’s time to talk about Mary. The Mary of devotion, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. For many cultures the month of May is traditionally dedicated to Mary. This month is considered the season of the beginning of new life, the beginning of growth and the fertility of the land. May begins with the crowning of Mary- a tradition of presenting the statue of Mary with a crown of flowers in honor of her existence- and continues with daily devotions dedicated to her. This medieval custom began in Italy and the month of May became the month of Mary. As a woman and a mother I choose to recognize her as such and feel honored on this day as well. No coincidence that Mother’s Day is in the month of May!

Mary is the greatest of all Christian saints it’s believed, since she was the mother of Jesus. As Christ possesses two natures, human and divine, Mary was the Mother of God in his human nature. This special role of Mary in salvation history is clearly depicted in the Gospel in which she is seen constantly at her son’s side during his missions. This Queen is also our Mother but not in the physical sense, she is called a spiritual mother, for she conceives, gives birth, and nurtures the spiritual lives of grace for each person. That’s a mother’s role- to nurture the spiritual life of your child and your family which then spreads through a community and the world. Women can reflect on that each May and realize their universal importance to their family and beyond.

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