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The Star of David, or The Magen David, means what? The symbol of intertwined equilateral triangles is a common one in the Middle East and North Africa, and is thought to bring good luck. It is a more modern symbol – not mentioned in Jewish literature until the middle ages. In the 17th century, it became a popular practice to put Magen Davids on the outside of synagogues, to identify them as Jewish houses of worship in much the same way that a cross identified a Christian house of worship. Rabbi Feinstein concludes that this symbol, hallowed by centuries of traditional usage, should be respected, because it is meant to symbolize the eternal Jewish faith in God no matter what the adversity.

A few ways to bring this symbol into your life..


At Houzz.com you can find just about anything to add a little flair to your house or get design inspiration. This throw pillow from Sparkles Home with a little rhinestone bling is on sale for $22.50


When you want to wear your faith- the perfect black T from The London T Shirt Company. Cut for a woman, around $20 USD.


star of david artwork

We love this giclee print from Art.com. Star of David patch printed with 'Juif', c.1942 (fabric), French School, (20th century) / Private Collection / Archives Charmet / Bridgeman Images  24x18" $60.



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