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Cancer Sign And Spiritual Guide

"I Feel"

The Cancer (June 22-July 22) is the sign of the crab. Tough to get through that outer shell but once you do they hold on and don't let go.  The Cancer is known to live in emotion and stress can really set them off. If you know your moon or rising sign is a Cancer this works for you too! FaithHaus has something to help you make the best of your characteristics. Read on...

Flower-White flowers, specially rose flowers

lavender eye pillow

Eye pillows are great for relaxation but also for sore necks and heads. The lovely pillow is a modern design featuring white roses which represent purity and spirituality. It's filled with lavender, chamomile and a touch of vanilla for the perfect lull into la la land. $20, shop here

Birthstone-moonstone and emeralds

hamsa anklet with emerald swarovski crystal

Emeralds are great for cleansing the energy. They are balancing, give emotional strength, calming and serene. What more can you ask for in a stone? These gold anklets come with an emerald Swarovski crystal and the hamsa- Hand of God- to protect you. $35, shop here

Herb- Tarragon

tarragon chicken ny times recipe

Tarragon is a staple in French cooking. Simple to grow and such a nice addition to recipes. The herb aids in digestion, balances female hormones, promotes sleep and aids in cardiovascular health. We love this recipe for Tarragon Chicken from  the NY Times. The perfect summer staple. Recipe, click here

Body- Rules the stomach and the breast

moon and mandala temporary tattoos

Despite the picture these temporary tatts are unisex and can go anywhere! We love them on the chest (or the breasts) and the Yoga collection contains the perfect symbolic reminders to take care of yourself and honor the moon (rules Cancer!). $10, shop here


Essential Oil- lavender (calming, digestive aid)

lavender bath salts


Lavender is the ultimate de-stresser. Calming and soothing and great for bath time which is the perfect way to unwind. This blend is lavender, neroli (orange) and chamomile which entices you to melt into the water and wash your worries away. $26, shop here


Happy July and happy summer to all you Cancers out there. Don't forget to take your moments to unwind during the hustle and bustle of summer fun. 

love and light faithhaus


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