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So, we’re well into 2017 – how are those new year resolutions coming?  We’ve heard from FaithHaus community members that they may have bit off more than they can chew, and their quality of life would be measurably improved if they were just less stressed.

Trouble is, there are quite a few things in our life – people problems and circumstances – that we have no control over.  And, while we know meditation works (we’ve all seen friends share articles and studies on Facebook about how it works), we may feel a little ridiculous sitting down and closing our eyes to meditate when our to-do list is a mile long.

Below, you’ll find 3 ideas on how to practice meditation in a way that works – for you.

  • Meditation Using Tech Guidance
  • Being able to both quiet your mind and guide yourself through meditation is tough, if not merely impossible.  If you find yourself struggling with this, we recommend downloading The Mindfulness App.  The Mindfulness App can take you through a 10-day course for those who like structure, as well as guiding you through 3-10 minute meditation sessions (trust us, 3 minutes can feel a lot longer than 3 minutes).

  • Create a Meditation-Specific Space
  • When starting to meditate, one of the best ways to remind yourself to actually do it on a daily basis is to create a meditation space.  No, you don’t need to do a home renovation!  What you should consider doing, is picking a corner in your space to create a dedicated meditation space.  That way, when you sit down, you signal to your brain that it’s “Meditation Time.”  Additionally, the space will remind you, on a daily basis, to meditate as you pass by.

    FaithHaus has quite a few options when it comes to creating a meditation space, from this meditation cushion that has a pillow for your lower back and your seat, to candles, incense and incense holders to remind you to breathe deeply.

    vetiver incenseyellow meditation cushion


  • Meditation Can Be Prayer

    While some people find it incredibly helpful to focus on emptying their mind, others use 

    meditation as a time for prolonged prayer.  FaithHaus community members use prayer beads for chanting and prayers, and others use smudge sticks for cleansing ceremonies.

  • Meditation and prayer can and should be tailored to the individual.  Be sure to join us on Instagram for inspiration on how to #PrayYourWay.

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