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iftar eid al-fitr

With the arrival of a new crescent moon, Ramadan has ended for many Muslims. It is a time to celebrate 30 days of fasting with-usually-three days of feasting. Many cultures celebrate with family, community, and food. Christians "break bread", for Jewish people it's Shabbat and Seder, the Langar is a 'free kitchen' where Sikhs gather and eat together, Hindus may have a Pooja meal and so on. Meals are a time to join together and honor your customs and beliefs with these food-bourne traditions- in a really yummy way.

Here is a quick guide with help from Al Jazeera and FH to must-have bites for the celebratory feasting of Eid Al-Fitr. We found recipes from our fave global bloggers to keep this easy.

BINT ALSAHN (Beauty of the Table)

Bint alsahn recipe

 A sweet made by folding thin layers of dough, topped with honey and nigella seeds. This recipe is from The Yemen Kitchen who's blog focuses on Yemeni food with a historical twist. The Bint Al-Sahn is generally served in the middle of lunch and with the higher class status of your guests, the more expensive honey one would use.

MANTI (Turkish dumplings)

Manti recipe for Eid Al Fitr

The word manti is derived from mantu, meaning dumplings. It's a favorite Turkish dish filled with spiced ground meat and onion. Ozlem's Turkish Table shares their loves of Turkish food with this recipe. Perfect as a gift or for your Eid feast!


ASEEDA (big dumpling-our description)

Aseedah recipe for Eid

As the Yemen Kitchen puts it- this dish can be shared equally with pride by the rich or the poor. The Aseeda is like a large dumpling with a sauce made from chicken broth and there are rules for eating Aseeda as it is something you enjoy with your hands.  All of the etiquette as well as the ingredients are shared by Yemen Kitchen so don't miss their post should you be partaking in this food.


SEVAIYAN KI KHEER (noodle pudding)

Sevaiyan ki kheer recipe for eid

While the name of this dish doesn't roll off the tongue, don't let that scare you away. Nor should the concept of vermicelli pudding. Just taste it already! A sweet dish that is a must for any festival and easy to make. Tarla Dalal has a great recipe and promises a 20 minute cook time for last minute chefs.  (hint: great for Diwali too!)


BOLANI (stuffed flatbreads)

bolani recipe for eid

We have to admit we might stuff this with butter, sugar, cinnamon, maybe some dates and chopped pecans? However, this Afghan stuffed flatbread is commonly found with spinach, potatoes or perhaps lentils. The recipe for the savory version with potatoes is from My Ninja Naan, a gal with a husband nicknamed Hot Chocolate and wishes she was born with a whisk and flour and hands. Quick and easy to make!


KAHK (butter cookies)

kahk recipe for eid

Did we hear you correctly? That's ok cuz we love cookies! And Cleobuttera makes (self-proclaimed) Fabulous Kahk so this recipe is a must. Perfect for the kiddos post-Ramadan Eid feast...


YOU XIANG (Chinese Elephant Ear- our description)

&copy; Waihs | Dreamstime.com - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-chinese-snack-pancakes-cooking-famous-delicious-snacks-pancake-ingredients-fried-food-image36543962#res10842293">Chinese snack: pancakes</a>

Harder than it looks to make, this traditional Chinese Eid food is usually eaten with soup or rice (not laden with sugar carnival-style). Best to learn this passed down from a master You Xiang maker but you have to learn somewhere. The recipe and pictures from Cooking Simple Chinese Food At Home will give you a great start. Psst, check out the other recipes there too!


KUIH (steam cakes)

kuih recipe for eid

Visiting families and sharing sweets is the way to celebrate Eid in Malaysia.  These look a little tricky to make but they are kid faves and so colorful. Knock yourself out with rainbows of color and the recipe from Singapore Local Favourites.


MAMOUNIA (Syrian semolina pudding)

Mamounia recipe for Eid

Beautifully presented by Chef In Disguise, this recipe for Mamounia is a Syrian specialty that is served as a breakfast dish. Combining semolina, cheese, and pita topped with pistachio and cinnamon. No one will care what time of day you serve this bowl of delicious...


CAMBAABUR (Somalian crepes)

cambaabur recipes for eid

The cambabuur (or cambaabur) are Somalian crepes often served at breakfast and eaten dipped in yogurt. They come sweet or savory so it's up to your friends and family as to how you want to serve them. This recipe from the Somali Kitchen is savory- with spices like saffron, turmeric, cumin, onion, garlic, and sometimes chili.

Thank you to the many worldly bloggers sharing with and teaching us about food and faith in their countries.

May you have a very Happy Eid!

Love & Light,

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