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The Holidays are coming (yikes! Only two months to a candy filled Halloween and Reese’s PB Cups!!), and the right along with them comes the panic to fit into your perfect party dress comes. Instead of wasting money on some crazy expensive crash diet that can only lead to the yo-yo effect, try this surprisingly yummy and nutritious soup. The mung bean soup cleanse is easy and tastes similar to lentil soup. Mung Beans have been a part of a traditional Ayurvedic diet in India for thousands of years. Mung beans are considered the most cherished foods and they are Tri-Doshic, meaning that they can balance all three doshas, the three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern bodily  activities, especially when cooked with spices appropriate for each dosha.

Mung beans are inexpensive and easy to buy online at Bob’s Red Mill or find in the bulk food section of your local health food store. To start, buy about 2 cups – one cup for this batch and one for the next!

This soup and the herbs it is made with naturally detoxify the body. If you can tolerate it for all meals GO FOR IT! Or start slowly by intersperse the soup with healthy meals full of veggies and lean proteins. If you really need to shed a few for that big party, for 3 days before eat soup and LOTS of water. The beauty of this soup is it’s taste and healthy qualities. Whenever you feel like you’ve overindulged, just make a pot and eat clean for a few days. As with anything, don’t go overboard as that’s not what this is about. This is about being good to your insides and reaping the rewards-the gentle cleanse. I find when I do this that I am pretty full the first day and as digestion gets cleaner and easier I am hungry more often and therefor the need to eat soup more often. If you are taking it to work you may want to put in a thermos, or bring enough for the fridge to heat when you are ready to eat.   Enjoy!







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