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tools for manifesting during the blue moon

Full moons are full of power and energy. Rarely, a full moon occurs twice in one month and is called a Blue Moon (and has nothing to do with the color). On January 31st we will experience not only a Blue Moon but a lunar eclipse- the first Blue Moon Eclipse in 150 years! How do we harness the energy of an eclipse and a full moon? 

This month's Blue Moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo likes to be center stage, is passionate and likes to be adored. We want to focus on celebrating yourself, making yourself front and center. Because you are no good for anyone else if you aren't good to yourself.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

rose essential oil

Leos are powerful and confident, their manes ever shining. The essential oil associated with Leo (ruled by the heart) is rose which is a vasoconstrictor for the heart. Add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to boost your flowing locks, add to a bath so it soaks into your skin or add a couple drops to a cup of water let it sit for 5 minutes and pour it over you from head to toe in the shower. A lot of bang for the buck! $5, SHOP HERE 

Bath Salts

rose bath salts

It's good to cleanse during every full and new moon. One scrub will do it and the Himalayan Pink Sea Bath Salts are a great way to do it. You want salt instead of sugar as it is known to absorb negative energy. These are mixed with rose oil and citrus for energy and cleansing. $16, SHOP HERE

Light A Candle

love essential oil candle

A candle to manifest love. You definitely want to bring light to your life-anytime- and a candle is central to that. This pure soy 1.4.3 Candle is made with an essential oil blend that attracts love in your life. Remember, loving yourself is front and center. Rose, cardamom, and vanilla for a subtle and exotic scent. Don't forget to set your intention before you light and once you do focus a bit on the flame. Release your old energies and invite in the new and good. 1.4.3.- I Love You, on repeat and said to yourself. $20, SHOP HERE 

Crystal Healing

crystal healing with aquamarine

Blue Moon, blue crystals. Crystal healing can have a big impact on your meditations when you set an intention and harness their power. This grouping consists of the following:

* Aquamarine: courage, calming, spiritual communication
* Sodalite: thought, truth, intuition
* Lapis Lazuli: brings peace, releases stress, harmony
* Blue Lace Agate: emotional healing, tranquil, soothing

These crystals support the Throat Chakra- the conduit between the head and the body- and the primary source of expression and communication (Leo hallmarks!). You can place the crystals in your sacred space, keep them near you while doing yoga, carry them with you, or place them in a grid to help accomplish your goals. $12, SHOP HERE 

Staying Open To Abundance

buddhist lucky knot bracelet blue

The Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelets are made while monks are tying knots and meditating. The bracelets are a reminder to stay open and to attract abundance. This mint blue is a great color for all as blue symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, confidence, and faith. Wear this all year long to affirm all that is good. $15, SHOP HERE

These tools can be used any time but when you focus your energy 3 days before or after the Blue Moon you really grasp the power of the moon's vibes. Think about how a moon influences the tides of the ocean. Now imagine the moon being bigger, being eclipsed and how it's vibrations reach the earth. Love yourself which will make you better at loving others. 

Happy Super Blue Moon 2018!

love faithhaus 


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