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gia combs ramirez energy healing

We love to hear from people about what inspires them. Our belief is that everyone has their own path to faith and spiritual fulfillment-yet the destinations are fairly similar. Sharing with each other the items or actions that inspire us will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of the world around us. 

This month we feature Gia Combs-Ramirez, an intuitive woman who spends part of her year in Montana and the other part in Mexico. Both places are so majestic in their environment and possess such unique and different energies.  Her spirituality consists of a connection to all living entities grounded in energy work and intuition. She is the founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique, a protocol that focuses on the transformation of your life by learning how to work with energies. 

“The new paradigm on the planet provides an unprecedented potential for growing, healing, and creating with purpose. It all starts with understanding how to energetically navigate the New Earth."

We asked Gia some questions and here are her thoughtful replies...

Does your faith influence you in business and/or what you are creating?
 My faith is the science of energy and that is all I do as an energy healer and intuitive. So, yes.
-What is your definition of faith?
When I think of faith I think of some kind of religion. I am not a religious person. I was raised Christian and studied Buddhism, but ultimately at this point, I do not have an organized form of religion that I work with.
-How would you define spirituality?
Spirituality is the essence of who we are. The energy or spirit of our souls. Energy runs in and through everything and that is what I interact with directly through y energy reading abilities. 
-Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful? Or is there a difference?
Definitely the former. And yes there is a difference. One is a direct connection, the other is a connection through some created platform of religion.
-Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)?
I love ceremonies such as walking a labyrinth and celebrating natural moments such as equinox and solstice. My main form of 'ritual' is the energy protocol I use in everything in my life called Crystalline Consciousness Technique. it aligns me to sacred geometry, the golden phi, the golden spiral of transformation, love, and harmony!
-Do you think it's important for youth to have faith or spirituality? Why?
I think it's important for youth to connect to their own sense of spirituality. I led a youth group in meditation techniques many years ago. They naturally connect to their own spirituality without dogma. Many of them significantly changed, releasing depression, stopping drugs and finding a purpose in life.  
(How about a labyrinth in every school??!! We think so)
-What's your favorite thing about spirituality?

I love tapping into my higher powers of perception, and consciousness. It’s all there within us if we can trust and believe in our higher potential. Learning how to work with spiritual gifts such as psychic or empathic abilities is really important to experience the joy inherent in those gifts and not the downside of them. I love teaching that to people.

-Do you buy gifts, items for your house or items that you wear that related to faith or spirituality?

Yes, I love divination decks and Earth connected items. However, I routinely do “give-aways” of my sacred items to keep energy moving and to practice non-attachment. I stopped wearing jewelry after our house burned down.

(We would like to hear more about this!)

-Do you have any funny stories related to spirituality?

I suck in social situations! Being able to read energy means that I see past the social masks that most people wear.  If someone doesn’t like being called by a certain name…that’s all I can call them (Hey, Dick how are you?) I’ve gotten a little better with this “gift” as I’ve gotten older but still sometimes I’m not good at responding to people when they are saying one thing with their words and another with their energy. I’m constantly sticking my foot in my mouth saying things that were secrets (i.e. so, how long have you been pregnant?) 


-Do you have any places that remind you of your faith or feel spiritual to you

The mountains (especially where I live), ancient forests, hanging with a herd of horses, natural power grids such Machu Picchu and my most recent favorite, the monoliths of Montana (I’m way in the back with the blue hat).

mountains in montana

The fields of Montana

montana monoliths

The Montana Monoliths

machu picchu

Machu Picchu

It brings up the question, are you in tune to energy? Your own? Others? How can you enrich that area of your life?

Gia has a really great blog that can help you start, check it out here... 

 Love & Light!

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