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inspired living from everyday people

We love to hear from people about what inspires them. Our belief is that everyone has their own path to faith and spiritual fulfillment yet we are all seeking a similar destination. Sharing with each other the items or actions that inspire us will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of the world around us. 

This month we feature Kim Krippaehne- a dynamic female working in a mostly male world (construction). That doesn't bother her or stop her. She's a wife, mother, rabid volunteer and loyal friend. Her spirituality consists of multiple components as you can see by the Chinese good luck bamboo plant, the Buddha statue and her Intention cards that she keeps in her office. When you spend the majority of your life there (the office, the car, the house, wherever) setting your space up with sacred items can help with energy balance and intentional living. 

We asked Kim some questions and here are her thoughtful replies...

-What is your definition of faith? Believing in something that cannot be seen or proven – only felt deep in your heart and spirit.

-How would you define spirituality? Being guided by something larger than yourself.  It may not be able to be defined, but it’s a guiding influence.

-Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful? Or is there a difference? Both.  I am a person of faith; I also take reference from other faiths and spiritual practices. I don’t believe there is one right religion, faith or belief system.  Many Christians I know don’t act very Christian; many agnostics/atheists I know are some of the most kind/loving people I know.   

-Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)? I meditate and pray–not on a regular basis – but a couple of times a week. I read a lot about different faiths and spiritual practices.  I take a little something from many beliefs and practices.

-What's happening in the picture aboveThe cards are called “The Moon Deck”.  The cards are gorgeous-each has an intention and then a guide of how to manifest what’s on the card.  It’s targeted at women of all ages.

For example one card states:“I am courageous, steady and strong”. It has a beautiful picture of a lion...

the moon deck lion warrior card

Then you go into the guidebook under that card and it gives a ritual of how to be a Lion Warrior: stand tall, develop steady presence, compassionate courage and gentle strength. 

We pull the cards a couple of times a month and have a little ceremony to set intentions for the week or month. (LOVE THIS! inspiring!)

-Do you think it’s important for youth to have faith? Why? Absolutely. It gives kids a starting point from which to direct their lives.  Even if they don’t grow up to practice religion, having knowledge and understanding of a higher power is critical to someone’s long-term spiritual health. Ignorance is not bliss. People, specifically young people are trying to find their way in the world – having Christ or another faith can help ground them and keep them centered and focused when times are good and times are tough.

-Do you share your faith with others or keep it private? I keep it mostly private. Many people are put off by faith and it’s not politically correct anymore to be a Christian or live a Christian life.

-What’s your favorite thing about faith? The peace it provides in difficult times.  Also knowing that there is something out there looking out for me and for those I love.

-Do you buy gifts, items for your house or items that you wear that are related to faith or spirituality? Not really – although I would like to. NOTE: we have seen Kim wear beautiful jewelry that feels spiritual, but perhaps that's not the intention. Her office is blessed and she gives great gifts that have meaning behind them.

-Do you have any funny stories related to faith? Not really.  I guess I used to hand out LifeSavers in my little white gloves at church every Sunday when Father Chester had the kids come up for the homily.  A friend later told me she looked forward to it every week – because everybody got 1 – not 2 – but 1 Lifesaver

-Do you have any places that remind you of your faith or feel spiritual to youAnywhere there is an ocean.

the oregon coast 1859 Oregon's Magazine

Photo: 1859 Oregon's Magazine. Proposal Rock, Neskowin, Oregon Coast. 

We are blessed to hear a part of Kim's journey...#prayyourway

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