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mother's day gifts for a spiritual momMother's Day is May 14th in the U.S. Many cultures honor the mother. For instance to Catholics it is strongly associated with the Virgin Mary. In the Hindu tradition it is called Mata Tirtha Aunsh, in Buddhism the festival is called Ullambana, and in early Germanic and Celtic societies it was very common to honor the elders and specially the mothers. So while it's a secular holiday it is also celebrated in cultures and religions around the world. What's the perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom? We have you covered. The following mother's day gifts are either symbolic in many faiths or are considered broadly spiritual in nature and as we say, pray your way. 

mother's day gift for spiritual mom

The evil eye is a symbol that is recognized in many cultures. From Islam to Judaism to Christianity this symbol is known as an agent of protection and is deeply rooted in tradition. This ring is a modern take on that ancient symbol and the perfect mix of spirituality and fashion. Mystic Evil Eye Ring, $37

incense mother's day gift for spiritual mom

 Incense is a great way to create energy in a space. It's great for meditation, for cleansing your space or just aiding the sense of smell with spiritual scents. We favor the Appreciation Stick Incense with jasmine, lavender and amber for all we appreciate in our mom's. $8

essential oil blend mother's day gift for spiritual mom

We think this is the ultimate 'hippie oil' with patchouli, amber and geranium. An earthy and sensual scent blended from pure essential oils. Works great on hair, skin, in an oil burner, wherever you want to add a spiritual vibe. Signature Blend Essential Oil by Mirah Naturals, $30

market tote mother's day gift for spiritual mom

She's off to the farmer's market, a yoga or meditation class, or she prefers to carry her goods in a ethically fashioned bag. The totes from Darzah are hand embroidered by women in Palestine and all the components that make up this bag are ethically sourced. The perfect mother's day gift for the spiritual mom.

 The Shajara (tree in Arabic) Market Bag, $69 


Blessings to all mothers this holiday- wherever you are in this beautiful world. 

Love & light- 



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