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This coming Monday, August 7, is Rhaksha Bandhan, also known as Rhaki, a Hindu festival that celebrates the bond of brother and sisterhood. It is celebrated on the full moon by sisters tying thread bracelets onto the brother's wrists. These bracelets are usually made from red or gold thread and are also tied around the wrist of a soldier, close friends and by priests to the congregation members. The custom is that the rhakis are blessed with sacred lyrics and are then able to offer protection for the following year. After tying the rhaki a prayer is given for prosperity and happiness.
 At FaithHaus we like to thing about and offer ideas about how you might incorporate a ritual into your life. We love the idea of putting a bracelet on someone's wrist (perhaps you blessed it earlier) and offering them the wishes of love and bounty. We've taken it one step further with a quick lens into a Hindu world which you might like to be a part of. 

rhaki bracelets
We don't have traditional rhaki bracelets but we do have these! If you are just exploring the tradition then a string will do. The left picture is The Wish Red String Bracelet which comes with various sterling silver charms. We like this with the hamsa -Hand Of God- protection charm. $24. The center picture is a colorful Tibetan Friendship Bracelet which is can be tied on a wrist or ankle. $3. The right picture is The Handmade Lucky Knot Rope Bracelet and they are in the traditional colors of red or gold. $12. Remember it's in the spirit so choose what works for you and give the gift of spirit to one you love!
slow cooker goan chicken coconut curry
We are really in love with the blog from Nik Sharma, A Brown Table. We love that he gave up his 'traditional' job to follow his passion in food. His recipes are delicious and do-able (for us non-chef folks). Double whammy that this dish is made in a crock pot- my favorite kitchen tool next to the citrus juicer:). This recipe is for Slow-Cooker Goan Chicken Coconut Curry. What a great way to get in the spirit of a Hindu celebration than through food!
popular hindu mantra
Mantras are sacred words and most often chanted. However you can print and read to yourself, place in your altar or shrine, or just say in your head if that feels better. The Gayantri Mantra is to give wisdom and enlightenment, according to Amit from The Spiritual Indian blog. 
Aum Bhur Bhuva Svah 
Tat Savitur Varenyam 
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi 
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat
ravi shankar and george harrison
Do you remember when George Harrison collaborated with Ravi Shankar for the song Norwegian Wood? This was the first time a sitar was played in Western music and led to a new generation of music dubbed Raga Rock incorporated by The Beatles, The Kinks and The Yardbirds. Listen here. WalesOnline compiled a list of 15 Indian-inspired songs you can't stop listening to. Check them out
attar sandalwood oil
This Attar Perfume Oil is 100% pure Indian sandalwood. Sandalwood is sacred in the Hindu Ayurveda and used for worshipping the God Shiva. It is believe the Goddess Lakshmi lives in the sandalwood tree. It's a great meditation tool and when applied to the third eye it awakens intelligence and lifts the spirit. Shop here, $59
Here's honoring you with the gift of friendship and the bond of brotherhood.
Love & light!
love and light faithhaus


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