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chinese new year celebration

Red underwear for a holiday? We aren’t crazy! It’s that time of year- Chinese New Year- and red is their color.

Chinese New Year isn’t – strictly speaking – a religious holiday, but in a culture built on nearly 5,000 years of Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, its a festival firmly rooted in both religion and folklore. Chinese New Year also isn’t – strictly speaking – Chinese. More properly known as Lunar New Year, it is celebrated all across Asia, with different traditions observed in Korea, Japan, and China.

Chinese New Year is, foremost, a celebration of family. Each year, the world’s biggest human migration starts in the days leading up to the New Year, when millions of urban Chinese travel by bus, train, and plane back to their family homes. Once there, families celebrate with feasts and fireworks at homes adorned with the trappings of the holidays – red lanterns, red art on the doors, and bowls of lucky mandarins on the table. The houses are cleaned from top to bottom, and everyone wears new clothes for the New Year. Underneath the smart new wardrobes is hidden smart new underwear – in red.

Why red? Red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese traditions, representing loyalty, success and happiness. Red is worn to bring good luck, and especially to ward off the bad luck that may come when the new lunar year is “your year,” the year in the 12-year zodiac cycle in which you were born. Why underwear? Some people wear red all over, all year long, to keep bad luck at bay. Those with more subdued wardrobe tastes may keep it on the down low by wearing only red underwear, which is often heavily adorned with gold embroidery or the zodiac animal of the year.

Want to try out red underwear for the Chinese New Year? Here are some of FaithHaus’ favorite picks for the entire family:

Modesty shorts are the perfect way to wear skirts on the playground and still twirl on the bars – check out the modesty shorts in red cotton from Monkey Bar Buddies:

red modesty shorts from monkey bar buddies


Toddlers and older kids will love these cozy red pajamas from Burt’s Bees Baby that can double as cold weather underwear:

burts bees red henley pajamas

Men, whether you’re a boxer or brief man, these Naked brand boxer briefs will fit the bill – and keep you comfortable and lucky year round:

men's red boxer briefs from Naked

Finally, ladies, whether you prefer practical underthings or tend to high-end lacies, Faithhaus has you covered for this Chinese New Year.

From FaithHaus, this stunning duo is perfect for that secret – only I know what’s underneath – boost:

red lace underwear

And finally, for a more covered look, Free People offers the pretty ruched Dolce boyshorts. Exclusively at Free People

red ruched boyshorts free people

The best things about shopping for red underwear for the 2018 Chinese New Year? You’re totally covered for Valentine’s Day!

love faithhaus


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