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ashley street luminis creations


In our artist series we love to feature a bit of behind the scenes as to what really goes into the pieces we sell. And by that we mean what energy, intention, vibes might influence the designs. Ashley Street combines spirit and nature to form organic- and useful- candles and wood boxes that speak to the soul. 

-What is your definition of faith?

I define Faith very literally, as believing in something without having to prove it empirically. It’s both trusting that something is so without having to experience it first hand and accepting that our individual experiences can only ever yield parts of greater truths.

-How would you define spirituality?

Spirituality describes the many ways in which individuals strive to connect with the universal human experience. My spirituality is an ongoing metaphysical endeavor in which I’m always trying to reconcile the one with the many.

-Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful? Or is there a difference?

I would say that I’m more of a spiritual person since I don’t subscribe to any one particular organized religion or specific doctrine. I have faith in many beliefs that contribute to my spirituality but overall my spiritual journey is about trying to evolve in and experience the world without expectations. ‘Should’ is too often the enemy of good.

-Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)?

I enjoy participating in rituals borrowed from numerous religions; I have lived with Mennonites, participated in the Goma ritual at Buddhist temples in Japan, and attended numerous other rites and sermons based on the ancient and the magical. I participate in family traditions with Christian roots (Christmas, Easter, etc.) but those experiences which I relate to my spirituality tend to be private and involve either meditating or creating art. I also exercise very diligently and have found that a routine of regular physical activity has enhanced my whole being; a healthy body contributes to a healthy consciousness.  As Socrates is said to have said “No man [or woman] has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man [or woman] to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his [her] body is capable.”

-Do you think it’s important for youth to have faith? Why?

I think it’s more important for youth to be skeptical. In my opinion, Faith is most meaningful if it’s arrived at after a person has learned to be critical.

-Do you share your faith with others or keep it private?

If people ask me about my spirituality I don’t mind sharing, but generally I keep it private.

-Do you buy gifts, items for your house or items that you wear that are related to faith or spirituality?

My spirituality doesn’t really demand that I own any specific objects but I do try and incorporate beautiful things into my daily experience. I take inspiration from Plato here in that I believe that the most beautiful objects are those for which the use is beautiful. For example, I never fully appreciate my candles until they are lit, my yoga mat is just a mat until I use it for exercise or meditation, and art only matters if someone is around to see it. Items which are made an active part of my life contribute to my spiritual development, everything else is (to borrow a word from Philip K. Dick) just kipple. So I suppose my answer to this would be yes!

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ashley street and skull candle

magic box



-Do you have any places that remind you of your faith or feel spiritual to you? 

Nature is where I find it easiest to connect with my spiritual consciousness and I’m particularly moved by the sky. Wherever I am in the world, I can always look to the cosmos and think of all my predecessors and contemporaries considering the same celestial bodies.

moon at night

That being said, I also love religious architecture of all kinds. I’ve visited many cathedrals and other local religious structures in my travels and even made a short YouTube series called ‘Churches Abroad’. I was partially inspired to start making skull candles by visiting Capuchin Crypt but the most spectacular and moving structure I have ever personally visited is still the Pantheon...


-Did your faith influence you in business and/or what you are creating?

Absolutely, for me the very act of creating is a spiritual experience.

 Well said Ashley!  #inspired




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