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Smudging your home and the practice applies to more than just where you live. It’s great for cleaning your Airbnb too. Energy cleaning that is. Have you ever walked into space like a hotel room- and it seems stuffy, weird vibes, or not necessarily dirty but not clean either? Think about it, someone may have checked out just a few hours earlier. Their bodies and their suitcases left the space, but the energy is still there. Think about it like this:

smudging your home

The energy you feel here is a bit chaotic. It might be fun, it could be draining, it could be old. It’s definitely not yours! What you want is to clean it up like this:

tools for energy healing

So this is a bit exaggerated but you get the idea. It’s not just about clean linens, mopping the floor, or tidying up. It’s creating brand new energy for yourself or the next visitors. Is it realistic to do this? Maybe not if you aren’t cleaning the house yourself. However, you could ask your housecleaner to burn incense while they are there. If you are traveling you could also burn incense or take a moxibustion burner with you for a quick spin around the room to clear any negative energy. We have a few tools that make it easy. 


sandalwood stick incense

We love these because these skinny little sticks burn fairly quick (they won’t stay burning after the cleaner leaves), the scent is woodsy yet fades quickly, and the container is easy to travel with for smudging on the go. Sandalwood is revered in Ayurvedic communities for its energy clearing properties and is burned daily. If you don’t have an incense burner handy a potted plant (use the dirt) or an empty soda can will do the trick. $9.99, Pure Sandalwood Incense Sticks


smudge stick

These smudge sticks are a bit heartier and not as easy to travel with unless you have a metal carrier for them. Since they are a bit larger you won’t use the whole smudge stick at one time. Actually, just a little bit, especially if the space you are smudging is smaller. You would need a shell or an ashtray to carry around with you as you wave the smoking stick. This would be a great tool for someone who cleans there own house and has time for a quick home smudging in between visitors. These Sacred Wands have been specially blended with meaningful herbs to actively clear any negative energy. $16, Sacred Wand Smudge Sticks


tools for energy healing moxa burner

The moxibustion burner is one of our favorite tools. It features a wooden handle and a two-part top that screws on and off. There is the copper tube that has holes for the smoke to come out of. Inside is small prongs that hold a moxa (dried mugwort) plug which you light. It has a light smoke (which has never set off our smoke alarms) and burns for quite a while so you can smudge a lot of space with it. The top is made of jade and also has holes and heats up. This tool is used in Chinese acupuncture a lot and the warm jade end is placed on meridian points for personal energy healing. These burners are easy to travel with and the moxa plugs are inexpensive and go a long way. $30, Moxibustion Burner


faithhaus palo santo candle

Good old fashioned candles. Lighting a candle made from pure essential oils and soy wax is an easy way to clear the air however it won’t be as effective as the ability to take smoke around the house. If you have a housecleaner or you just want to be able to light a candle while you clean, the essential oils of palo santo, clove, and cardamom are specially blended to purify (great for meditation too if you want to share with your guests!). $20, FaithHaus Palo Santo Candle


essential oil diffuser

Lastly, you (or your housecleaner) can easily you an essential oil diffuser to help cleanse your space. We recommend pure essential oils of citrus, clove, eucalyptus or tea tree. Turn on the diffuser while you clean and if possible move to different rooms. This doesn’t require lighting anything or the worry of putting out a fire but you do have to unplug it! $20, Essential Oil Diffuser

Cleaning your space after you have guests is a definite, cleaning the energy is optional. We believe energy is everywhere and transformative so cleaning between stays is essential. Love & light!


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