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stocking stuffers for the inner buddhist

As the holiday season approaches and the shopping begins, finding meaningful gifts can be hard sometimes. Not everyone has the same beliefs either. Christmas means stuffing stockings, and respecting your loved one's different beliefs is honoring them while observing your celebration. So for your Buddhist convert, Buddhist in-law or Buddhist on the way, here are a few wallet-friendly ideas!

Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelets

buddhist lucky knot bracelets

Hand-made by Buddhist monks while tying these knotted bracelets. Knot-tying is a form of meditation for the monks and they say these are a reminder to stay open and bring about good luck. $15, SHOP HERE 

Nag Champa Soy Candle

Nag Champa is a classic incense used in the Indian culture. Here, it's blended with soy wax into an exotic candle. It might weigh down the stocking just a bit but well worth it! $15, SHOP HERE 

Buddhist 108 Wooden Bead Mala Prayer Beads

buddhist 108 bead mala prayer beads

Mala beads are a mainstay of many religions and the Buddhists are no different. If you don't want to actually pray with them, hanging them in your sacred space can be a reminder of the good you attach to them. These mala beads are wooden and there are 108 of them (prayer to be said 108 times, the beads are for counting). $9.99, SHOP HERE

Tibetan Lotus Incense Burner 

tibetan lotus incense burner

This dainty lotus incense holder has a removable top and you place your cone or coil incense inside. It's only a few inches high but it's the perfect way to burn (and easy to toss the ashes after) and the little cutouts allow for the smoke to escape. $9.99, SHOP HERE 

'Caron' Cone Incense

clove and tobacco incense

The perfect cone incense for your lotus burner! Oils of clove and tobacco will work to clear the air, protect you and activate the spirit. $14, SHOP HERE

As long as you are full of joyous spirit it doesn't matter what you fill the stocking with. Love is the most meaningful gift you can give.

Love & light!

love and light faithhaus




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