• Winter Solstice: Five Simple Ways To Honor The Day

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    The Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Meaning more dark sky and more time for the stars to shine bright. It's an astronomical phenomenon marking the end of Fall and the start of Winter. Around the world this event is interpreted in varied ways. Here's a few simple suggestions to honor the bright stars in your life.

    STONEHENGE- PLAY MUSIC AND SINGThe winter solstice at Stonehengephoto credit The Telegraph

    Revelers gather at Stonehenge to celebrate Winter Solstice. When the sun rises it shines through Stonehenge creating a magical beam of light. Music is played and people sing. Make a spotlight, pull out the guitar and sing a song (we love Jason Castro's Somewhere Over The Rainbow)


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    In Pre-Christian Scandinavia they spent 12 days celebrating Yule, the rebirth of the Sun God and the ritual of burning a log was started. Contemporary celebrations include meals and gift giving, the burning of a log or perhaps enjoying the baked version of the Yule Log perfected around the world by artisan bakers. If you don't have a fireplace you can create one outdoor, invite your friends, light a fire and celebrate the Sun that is slowly on its way.



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    In astrology, the Winter Solstice marks the end of the sun in Sagittarius and the beginning of it's occupation of Capricorn. This is a time to review and get things done. You are urged to reflect on the year and see where you can make positive changes. Don't become too serious this holiday season but we say write the list of what you want to change, make a commitment to yourself and burn it!


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     photo credit blog Xichen

    One of the most important events in prehispanic cultures, Winter Solstice represents a time to watch the sky closely for the sun to rise at dawn. The steps of the Kukulcan pyramid are thought to look like an undulating serpent when the light is shone on them and there are carved snake heads at the bottom. An easy way to share in their experience is to rise early and watch the sun as it comes up- what shapes do you see, what thoughts do you have. Of course we think a little incense is nice as well...

    DONGZHI FESTIVAL- EAT DUMPLINGSImage result for dongzhi festival

    During the long, cold winters of the past many people froze to death due to China's harsh weather. Tangyuan-dumplings- are filled with a sweet paste and served in clear and hot syrup or soup. Their roundness symbolizes family unity and harmony. This festival coincides with the longest night of the year and these dumplings are eaten to stay warm and honor the climate. Yes, they eat them all year a well but specially on this day when families gather, incense is burned and dumplings have a very special meaning.

     From FH to you- happy Winter Solstice!

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