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    Faithhaus recently stumbled across Haute Hijab - and we are so very smitten. Haute Hijab is a very hip online clothing store geared to Muslim women with a modest esthetic. Born in the Midwest and supported by passion for social justice and positive change, HH supports women who wear the hijab, or head scarf, with a strong, positive, and inclusive message and a social media presence that helps stylish women celebrate their faith along with their fashion choices.

    Not Muslim? No problem. Women of all faiths wear scarves! Personally, I like to take large scarves traveling because they are easy to carry and multi-functional. They protect from the hot sun when worn wrapped around the shoulders or over the head. They are handy when touring temples and historic sites of many faiths to show respect - either by covering the shoulders, the head, or even worn as a long skirt. And certainly not least, not by a long shot, they are fashionable and beautiful, a perfectly simple accessory when traveling or at home.

    The designs sold at Haute Hijab - all of which are created in-house, are geared towards Muslim women. The thing is - wearing of a head scarf, whether for faith or for fashion, is inspiring and beautiful for anyone interested in style  (Think of style icon Grace Kelley in a scarf and sun shades). Anyone can shop at Haute Hijab - and you won't be judged - just be prepared to answer if someone asks where you got your beautiful scarf. The Haute Hijab website is modern and easy to shop, and their Instagram feed is filled with hashtag #HHspottedclub highlighting dozens of global beauties sporting their hijab in their daily life: dressing up, dressing down, sporty, fashion, hanging out... you get the idea.

    Sporty, eh?
    So J. Crew... or Tory Burch!
    Love the stripes. Love the white. Oh wait, love the pink. Um, love the clutch. Oh well love it all!
    Killing us with cuteness!!! the hijab, ballet slippers, aviators. Tres chic, says she.

    Faithhaus is inspired by expressions of faith are filled with beauty and style. We are inspired by Haute Hijab, and when the Faithhaus shopping platform launches in March we will be BEGGING them to open a boutique with us. Love.

    Oh and by the way, as if beautiful fashions weren't enough.. they just introduced housewares! These gorgeous square bowls could double for jewelry holders or serving dishes. Inspired by the Alhambra Palace and very #globalchic.

    Photos: Haute Hijab

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