• Modest Fashion: There's Something For Everyone

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    modest fashion for everyone

    Modest Fashion- Yes, There’s Something For Everyone

    In case you missed it there's a new kind of fashion buzz and it's modest. No nudity? What-cover up the body?!?! Yes, and it's fun. Modest fashion has typically been associated with religious principles. It still is but it's also a new fashion movement about women saying guess what, we can be beautiful without overt sexuality in the way we dress (sorry, Kardashian fans). It's being captured by the religious faithful and the fashion faithful. Here's what the media is saying...

    "one of the modest community's biggest icons — an unofficial spokesperson, even — is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge." Zahra Aljabri, Refinery 29

    "They (MimuMaxi) grew up religious and keeping to Jewish standards of modesty (covered elbows, knees and collarbones) but struggled to balance fashion and faith. Now they have customers who aren't religious but believe dressing modestly is a way to assert female empowerment and self-confidence." USA Today

    "There was a void in the Muslim community for modest clothing—we're always buying things from overseas—and to have it made available and not just have modest clothing but have it be affordable and fashionable." Ibtithaj Muhammad, NY Mag

    "In 2010, she started a Facebook page called Fabologie to highlight modest looks on fashion runways. Five years later, it has evolved into a blog with 100,000 monthly readers." Adi Heyman,TechInsider

    Here's a look at some of our favorite designers..


    modest fashion activewear

    Mumine Activewear and Unorthodox Hijabs are two of our favorites. Focusing on function and fashion within the modest active market they inspire women all over to work out. Period. All the while with contemporary colors and no attention to active- detail left out. They did it.


    modest fashion for day

    From Indian designers to Jewish and Muslim designers to Christian bloggers, everyday wear is has been modernized and is fashion-forward. Beautiful construction, clean and modern lines, and classic colors blur the lines between religion and the garment district. This could be the latest in Yohji Yamamoto or what today is known as modest fashion. Modestologie, Fabologie, Ruh Collective, Mimu Maxi and ModeSte are a few of the big names and the latest words on modest fashion.


    modest fashion from major designers

    Who's influencing who? It's an industry secret for sure but designers this year decided to cover it up a bit-and have clearly been influenced by faith. Hemant & Nandita blend their Indian traditions with contemporary style. Dolce & Gabbana are no strangers to religion. With Sicilian roots, you see the Virgin Mary, the Madonna and crucifixes woven into their collections almost annually. This year they were inspired by Muslim garb and debuted a line of abayas that fashionistas globally have made wardrobe staples. Not to be left behind Gucci manages to include inspired symbolism in their designs and Zimmerman is downright heavenly with their latest collection. Leave it to Princess Kate to continually portray a fashionably modest woman who is on the top of every designers list.


    At FH we respect faith and we respect fashion. We love the challenge of taking on the new trends with an open and creative outlook. We are believers.

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  • Love snakes? The best in serpent jewelry

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    A potent symbol of things like fertility, salvation, and wisdom in many spiritual circles-the serpent remains a protector and a fashion staple. The following designers showcase their takes on the coiling creature and we present our picks for the best in serpent jewelry.


    Thalia Jewelry

    Diamond snake ring signifies re-birth and renewal-usually worn heads up. Can be ordered with a diamond or ruby head.

    18k gold and diamond snake ring $2950

    Thalia Jewelry Diamond Snake Ring

    Bittersweets NY

    Featuring tiny carved snakes going end to end. Available in yellow, white, green or rose gold.

    Serpentina Ring $395

    Bittersweet NY Serpentina Ring

    Elsa Peretti

    The modern serpentine from Elsa Peretti for Tiffany's. In sterling silver.

    Snake Ring $450

    Elsa Peretti Serpent Ring


    D. Jo Jewelry

    Rolled gold with a garnet eye, 14k yellow gold filled chain. From the Aphrodite Collection

    Ever After Necklace $200

    D. Jo Jewelry Ever After Necklace Serpent Jewelry

    Jennifer Zeuner

    With a glinting diamond eye this is a fashionable way to celebrate Adam and Eve. In vermeil, silver or 14k gold.

    Alves Necklace $176



    Jennifer Zeuner Alves Necklace Serpent Jewelry

    Aurelie Bidermann

    A choker of fertility in 18k gold plate.

    Tao Snake Necklace  675 Euro

    Aurelie Bidermann Tao snake necklace




    Stine A. Jewelry

    Simple silver snake armband, for the inner Goddess.

    Snake Bracelet $190

    Stine A Jewelry Snake Bracelet

    Sophie by Sophie

    In rhodium plated silver with sapphire eyes, this dainty snake bracelet has mighty power.

    Snake Bracelet with Sapphires  99 Euro

    Sophie By Sophie Snake Bracelet

    The Met Museum Store

    This replica is from a mold of an Egyptian bracelet from around 300-250 B.C. and in 14k gold overlay.

    Snake Bracelet $85

    Met Museum Store Snake Bracelet

    Serpent jewelry has clearly been around for centuries and continues to inspire artists. There are many ways to reinterpret the snake as jewelry and represent it's mythology and spirituality through design. Rebirth, renewal, fertility, protection and as the snake sheds its skin we can shed our fashion limitations.

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