• The Guru Ganesha Band Comes to PDX

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    guru ganesha band

    This is such a lovely group of men. The four of them sitting cross-legged in the beautiful space better known as The Old Church in Portland, OR. Surprisingly the room isn't fully packed and overflowing with Sikhs, hippies or others Portland spiritual fans but a comfortably full cross-section of typical Oregon types. Attend the Oregon Country Fair once and you know what we are talking about. Needless to say we were all there for one reason: onelove and the joyous musical sounds of Guru Ganesha Band.

    These men, their melodic voices and talented guitar playing can settle down the crankiest road-rager with their peaceful vibes and continuous smile. You get the feeling they love you and hey, you just met us. But that's ok and that's why we are all here. This group of musical all-stars spent close to two hours with us in what felt like a big living room with great acoustics. The aisle dancers, one very vocal follower, top yogis, spiritual fest promoters, and world music enthusiasts listened intently to the story behind their deep faithful practice and the mantras that make up their songs.

    These (and all) Sikhs are truly about one love. They are not here to judge you but let you delight in their unfettered love of all strangers through their music and musings. Their music is for everyone and worth the price of admission. If for no other reason than to remember to share the love. Read the recent interview of Guru Ganesha in the OmTimes (link below) and check out their videos on their YouTube channel. Peace out.

    Guru Ganesha Band
    The Guru Ganesha Band on their way to Canada for the 2016 Tour

    Go here for beautiful music:GuruGaneshaBand

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    Header photo credit OmTimes

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