• Halloween for Hijabistas: Costumes & Halaal Makeup Ideas

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    halal costume makeup

    With Halloween just around the corner, shops are full of fun costumes and makeup for the holiday.  But, if you’re Muslim and observe halal (or halaal or hallal) it can be hard to find costumes and makeup that also honor your religious beliefs.

    Here at FaithHaus, we know that you can honor your spiritual path while also having fun  — it doesn’t have to be either or!

    Below, you’ll find some tips and ideas on celebrating Halloween as a Muslim, with links to costume ideas and recommended hallal cosmetics from the FaithHaus shop.  Below, you’ll find a roundup of some of our favorite hijabistas, who incorporate their hijab into their costume.

    1.  Muslim Halloween Cosplay - with a Hijab!

    Okay, if you’re not following Saraswati on Instagram, you need to check your life choices.  he Malaysian hijabista and professional makeup artist regularly posts her cosplay take on Disney villains and princesses, Tim Burton characters and Marvel superheros —  all while wearing a hijab.

    Halaal Lipstick for Halloween

     While you may not be a MUA (make up artist) you can recreate many of her looks.  We recommend using the vampy red halal lipstick to create your own hijabista versions of Ariel, Wonder Woman, or Maleficent.

    2.  Keep things easy and natural - Princess Leia Hijabi Costume  

    Chances are you’ve seen this image make its way around the internet.  We especially love her use of more natural makeup, and would recommend the nude-pink halal lipstick.  You can also watch this (super funny) YouTube tutorial on how to create your own Princess Leia buns.

    Princess Leia Hijabista Costume

    3.  Halal Halloween Nails

    Not everyone likes to get super dressed up for Halloween, and that’s okay!  A great way to join in the fun is through spooky Halal Halloween nail art.  Finding Halal nail polish can be a pain, and we have 10+ shades to get you going.  You can even take the nail polish to a professional nail salon, and have them use halal nail colors to create your Halloween look.

    Halal Halloween Nails

    How cute are these “googly eyes”?  Our Halal nail polish in Dark Knight would be perfect for this.

    Have fun! FH

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