• Top 5 Unique Eid Gifts for The Stylish Set

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    eid gifts for the stylish

    Eid al-Adha- the holiest Muslim holiday- is celebrated in the United States on September 12th this year.  Eid al-Adha is known as the 'feast of sacrifice' and commemorates the day when prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice his son but was instructed by God to offer an animal instead. The festival traditionally lasts for four days but that varies by country-this year in Turkey it will last nine days. The date the Eid celebration starts is decided by authorities in Saudi Arabia. They confirm the actual dates of the Muslim festival- and the pilgrimage to Hajj in Mecca -on September 1 based on the sighting of the moon. In the Islamic calendar Eid al-Adha is celebrated 10 days later. This is the second of the Eid holidays and marks the end of Hajj.

    "The Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca, Islam's holiest site, and is an integral part of the Muslim faith. According to the Koran, all Muslims who can afford to should make the journey to Saudi Arabia at least once in their lifetime. Every year, at least two million will make the pilgrimage, circle the Kaaba, a shrine built by Ibrahim, and pray to Allah. The prophet Muhammad said that a person who performs Hajj properly "will return as a newly born baby [free of all sins]"." The Week

    The celebration of Eid is a public holiday that involves animal sacrifice, prayers and public gatherings. The family and friends exchange food and gifts and they are also required to share with the poor and the needy so they can celebrate as well.

    Here’s our top 5 unique gift picks for your stylish loved ones celebrating Eid.


    Men love gifts too and the Wolf Eyes Beard Oil made by Homme Bound is a winner. To start, it’s crafted with the highest quality and proprietary fragrance oil and vitamin B complex- all amazing for taking care of the beard. It’s a woody and masculine fragrance with citrus, cardamom and musk. Free of all the naughties like phthalates and alcohol and never used with or on animals. To top it off it’s halal, kosher and vegan. Boom. Feel free to use a little on yourself ladies- a little oil is good for the skin too.

    A Canadian company, Homme Bound is a celebration of style, diversity and unity amongst men.  At Homme Bound we believe that a man's beard is more than just facial hair - It is a symbol reflective of his personality, identity, and way of life.

    halal beard oil


    From fitness to modest fashion we have your gal covered. The Mandala Reflection Top from Mumine Activewear has a gorgeous, reflective mandala print on the back of the perfect-red workout shirt. Made from their GO-dri fabric that keeps you cool and dry during your hardest workouts. Modest fashion meets fitness baby!

    modest activewear top from mumine

    Every glamorous gal needs a little halal lip color once she's showered and ready to celebrate. We love a matte lip and the ones from Tuesday in Love are the perfect formula. "Dubai" is our go-to red. A creamy texture with a lightweight finish AND halal, you can't miss with these so hey, give her two!

    halal lip color from Tuesday in Love


    No home is complete without something special to give it a chilly vibe. As your guest come by to celebrate, fill the air with the scent of patchouli, coconut and vanilla with the Mecca candle from Jboutiq. Mecca (Makkah in Arabic) is the center of the Islamic world and the birthplace of both the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded so we find it the perfect gift to honor this Eid holiday.

    mecca candle from jboutiq

    The hamsa in Islam it is known as the hand of Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima and symbolizes patience, loyalty, faith and resistance against difficulties. This beautiful and modern hamsa rendition from Cemment is made from concrete and covered in gold leaf. Beautiful inside or outside the home, the hamsa is a constant reminder that your home is protected.

    hamsa for the home

    Masha'Allah. FAITHHAUS




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  • Invited to Shabbat? Here's What To Expect

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    modern shabbat table setting

    Invited to Shabbat? In big cities like Los Angeles and New York, you might find a group of modern Jewish adults and their non-Jewish friends gathering for dinner in their favorite restaurant. This dinner is Shabbat and the chef has prepared a special menu for them including a slow-cooked meal, loaves of challah bread and candlelight. These are the modern renditions of the Friday night Shabbat dinner which includes new friends, old traditions, and delicious food.

    Around the world, people are doing the same thing at home. Gathering their closest friends and family or inviting guests who are new to the experience or perhaps aren't Jewish but want to participate in this dining ritual. For those who haven't attended here are the basics:

    Shabbat begins at sunset.

    Two candles are lit: representing the two commandments REMEMBER and OBSERVE.

    There is a festive and leisurely dinner-by candlelight. Then the man of the house says a prayer over the wine sanctifying shabbat.  There will be a prayer recited for eating challah bread and then the family eats dinner.  Foods are usually slow cooked or stewed since cooking is prohibited during shabbat.

     After dinner, the grace is recited to the sounds of upbeat music.

    There is a great blog called theKitchn which is a lifestyle blog and has a fantastic  Shabbat Dinner Menu  which could be served at any time of year. The recipes are ones we love like Moroccan chicken and grilled zucchini. Remember we love all things Moroccan at Faithhaus!

     Now a few suggestions on where to buy your hosting-or gifting- essentials...


     modern shabbat wine cups

    Our modern take on the Kiddush Cup (otherwise known as wine vessel). This simple recycled beauty by Hawkins NYC is modern and timeless. $8 each.



    modern shabbat candlesticks

     Obsessed with this candlestick no matter what the occasion. This is a very stylish set by CeMMent and yes, made from cement and stainless steel. So cool. $90-$112



    shabbat candlesticks beeswax

    Love them with our beautiful beeswax Shabbat candle pair with cotton wicks for a pure burn. $14



    organic challah bread cover

    We suggest buying from your local bakery. But you need something to put your challah on and under. We love these options from Jboutiq. Handwoven by a women's group in Latvia, these linen challah bread covers can do double duty and get softer with age. $35.  Each bread/serving board is a unique slice of Oregon burl maple- no two alike. $30 and up.


     THE CROCK POTcrock pot

     The Crock Pot. The best $35 spent ever. Trust us, if you don't already have a crock pot these are a life changer. The added bonus is no electricity after sundown. Target



    shabbat approved bronzer cosmetics

    Should you want to bring a gift for the glowing host, Beautycounter makes all-natural bronzing compacts that are Shabbat (and Yom Tov)-friendly and the perfect gift to give her that summer glow! $39



    shabbat set hanukkah gift

    This Shabbat Set from yours truly, Faithhaus makes for a thoughtful wedding, Hanukkah, or housewarming gift. Five essentials in one gorgeous set: wine tumbler, challah cover, candlesticks, candle holder, and Shabbat prayer. All handcrafted for $68.


    We hope this helps you understand what goes into and what gets used at a (modern) Shabbat dinner.

    Love & Light

    love faithhaus



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  • What the heck is a... HAMSA?

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    The hamsa - or fatima - is the "Hand of God": it's a protector, a talisman. It's shaped like a palm often, with the evil eye in the center.

    It is believed to originate from the ancient  Middle East/Northern Africa area, bringing its wearer or owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

    The Hand, particularly the open right hand, is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength.

    It is known as a universal symbol, worn by people of many faiths and by people with a strong spiritual base. It is found in home decor,  jewelry, and art.

    Below is an incredible antique door knocker from an amazing Etsy site (hopefully soon on FAITHHAUS!): ANTEVASINS  $275. Antique Brass from Morocco.


    At FAITHHAUS we love a hamsa in any fashion, but most definitely in gold, maybe even with a tiny rhinestone. Judging from celeb shots in the media, lots of our favorite celebrities do, too!

    Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have all been recently spotted wearing hamsa jewelry.

    The hamsa from Jboutiq

    Lauren Conrad wears one similar to this one at Jboutiq.


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  • Modern Shabbat – The Jewish Friday Night Dinner

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    In big cities like Los Angeles and New York you might find a group of modern Jewish adults and their non-Jewish friends gathering for dinner in their favorite restaurant. This dinner is Shabbat and the chef has prepared a special menu for them including a slow cooked meal, loaves of challah bread and candlelight. These […]

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