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    In today's world women are looking for natural and organic cosmetics for many reasons-to help the environment and to be good to their bodies are first and foremost.  In addition, some Jewish women look for kosher beauty products when adhering to religious rule that excludes wearing make-up during certain observances. This rule relates to dyeing or smoothing which is not allowed.  There is a caveat according to chabad.org:

    There are some specially-produced powder-only makeups that are approved for Shabbat use by some halachic authorities. Since they are completely dry and do not attach to the skin, they do not fall into the forbidden category of dyeing. And when they are applied correctly -- with a completely dry brush, to completely dry skin -- they do not fall into the category of smoothing. It is also necessary to avoid mixing two color powders, even merely by using the same brush for both or by applying them to the same part of the skin. In order to be considered permissible on Shabbat, the makeup must be used exactly according to directions.

    Kosher beauty products have become more available as many Jews become more modern and many companies adhere to the principles necessary to become rabbi approved. Beautycounter was recently certified by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein of Beth Joseph Congregation in Phoenix, AZ.  Here are the rabbi-approved beauty products for sale at Beautycounter...


    Color Sweep Blush Duo
    Color Sweep Blush Duo $36 We like the Tawny/Whisper combination for Fall with the nice bronzy color on one side and the perfect wind-kissed pink on the other.


    Color Contour Matte Bronzer
    Color Contour Matte Bronzer $36 Use No. 1 for lighter skin color and the No.2 for darker. Below the cheeks, along the temples and a touch on the bridge of the nose for a post summer glow during dark winter days.


    Color Shade Eye Duo
    Color Shade Eye Duo $30. Shown here in Peach/Bronze which we think complement our earlier bronz-y pics for giving you the lift you need over the holidays. Use the bronze in the crease or along the lash-line and highlight with the peach or sweep across the lid. Try the peach on top of cheekbones for a shimmering lift? Just a thought....

    Mattify Skin Finishing Powder
    Mattify Skin Finishing Powder $34. Now that we have become obsessed with contouring we are equally obsessed with finishing powders. You want to lightly dust your face with this to take away too much sheen and to create an overall finished look. Love.


    Beautycounter goes above and beyond with all of their products. They wouldn’t have received the rabbi’s approval for their beauty products without their commitment to be a beauty brand that puts your health first.  To purchase click here

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