• Celebrate The Autumnal Equinox With A Few Easy Ideas

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    The Equinox.

    It only happens twice a year.  The equator moves across the sun with no tilt to the earth giving us equal amounts of day and night.  This celestial event has been marked since the beginning of man in nearly every culture and faith especially Wiccan, Pagen, Celtic, Druid and Native American – and Mabon is perhaps the most recognized of the Autumnal Equinox celebrations.

    harvest festival



    Mabon is also known as The Harvest Festival and-similar to Thanksgiving-is about reaping what you sow and showing gratitude for it.  It naturally happens, when most parts of the US, are experiencing cooler temps, changing leaves and an overall cozier energy – bringing people and nature together.  The Mabon celebration usually involves creating an altar of colourful leaves and cornucopias, asking for blessings, visiting the grave site of loved ones and placing an apple on the marker, praying for peace, as well as feasting on autumnal fruits and veggies. We love the idea of making a crown of leaves like the one seen here on the cow from @enchantedfarmsanctuary 

    autumn equinox crown

    Take advantage of this special time of the calendar and throw an Autumnal Equinox Party!  Mix in some Mabon traditions with the Fall theme and you’ll have a relaxed, yet festive fete.

    This year, the Equinox falls of September 22 – making it perfect for an after-work gathering of food, fall décor and friends. Here's a few ideas on adding a little Autumn vibe to your space...


    Hang a gorgeous wreath (like ones from below, $75) on the front door and keep the interior décor full of warm colours and lighting by stocking up on beeswax candles and drop them inside the cut-out center of mini pumpkins and scatter all around the event space.


    autumn wreath


    harvest festival beeswax candles




    Burning incense is also a great way to incorporate Mabon traditions and set the mood.  Try earthy scents with sandalwood like Age of Earth's Caron incense cones which are said to cleanse negative energy with clove, tobacco and blue spruce.

    incense for harvest festival

    Pandora a playlist with key words including Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos and Vanessa Carlton – all thought to be or admittedly practicing Pagan – and you’ve got a mysterious mood to welcome your guests.


    Next, we think it’s just fine that wine, ale and cider are the traditional drinks of Mabon, because we love them all!  Craft ciders naturally fit the bill with their apple and harvest themes and easily add to your décor.  Pick up an Angry Orchard Sampler, a 6-pack of Harpoon Pumpkin Cider, some cans of Ciderboys Magic Apple and Fever Tree Ginger Beer for a non-alcoholic option. Toss them all in a big bucket full of ice, ask your guests to bring their favourite wine or beer and you’ll be set on Mabon-esque refreshments!

    angry orchard stone dry


    Don’t stress over food, because comfort food is key.  Whip up some build-your-own salmon fish tacos (the fish of Mabon) with all the fixings, some fresh guacamole and corn chips and bowl full of these addictive onion rings (recipe: http://www.fettlevegan.com/recipes/crispy-chickpea-onion-rings ). Keep Mabon’s symbolic fruit in the spotlight and present mini mason jar apple pies from PureWow-YUM!

    mini apple pies


    If you’re attending an Autumnal Equinox party, bring your hostess a gift like this cute crescent moon necklace like this rose gold version perfect worn alone or for layering.

    crescent moon necklace

    However you celebrate the last day of extra sunshine, being surrounded with good friends and great food is a splendid way to honor the Autumnal Equinox.  FH


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