• The Top Father's Day Gifts For The Spiritual Dad

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    the top father's day gifts to giveThis year, Father's Day falls on June 17th in the U.S. It's largely a secular holiday and is celebrated in countries around the world (on different days). If your dad is spiritual we have the top unique Father's Day Gifts just for him.  The following Father's Day gifts are considered broadly spiritual in nature and can help your Dad reach his higher self. 

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  • 5 Ways To Boost Your Luck On St. Patrick's Day

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    st patrick's day good luck charms

    1.Start your day with a matcha latte (or a cup of matcha tea).

    Does matcha tea actually bring you good luck? Well, not really. But the benefits of drinking matcha tea include more energy, a boost in metabolism and it's thought to slow the aging process. So when you start your day on the right foot, we believe it sets your vibe for the day. You will always be luckier when you feel better. Now...on to green beer and corned beef!

    matcha latte

    With over 5,000 votes, this Matcha Latte Recipe from Food & Wine Magazine should be your go to. You can buy matcha powder here, $7-$33

    2. Wear green.

    You wouldn't be caught without something green on for fear of being pinched. This started in elementary school and even as an adult it feels a bit sacrilegious to leave the house without a shamrock button at the very least. For those that like to be subtle with their dress while adding luck to their life, we've got the perfect thing. 

    green lucky knot bracelet

    As seen on Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James and countless other fabulous and spiritual souls, the Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelets are happy, subtle and are thought to bring the wearer good luck. $9.99, BUY 

     3. Decorate the front door. 

    Whether you are of Irish descent or are an avid holiday decorator, this easy and fun front door wreath gets your house in the mood. Make it modern with your paint colors, funk it up with stickers or designs on each clothespin. Watch this quick video from Rumble Viral and you are on the way. 

    green clothespin wreath

    4. Drop a clover in your beer.

    No, you don't need green beer. Yes, you do need to find a clover. The lore says to drop a clover in your beer and drink it down for good luck to follow. A quick stop at the garden store before your night out and snip a few clovers to take with you. Why not share with friends!

    put clover in your beer for good luck

    5. Throw a clover over your shoulder and toast the saint. 

    irish toasts from the spruce blog

    Saint Patrick used the clover in his teachings, believing it represented the symbol of the holy trinity. Tradition calls for throwing the clover over your left shoulder while toasting Saint Patrick. The Spruce blog has 20 different toasts so pick your fave and bring it on! 

     Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and by all means, keep up the good vibes!

    love faithhaus

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