• Once I Believed in Everything I was Taught about God...

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    Once I believed in everything I had been taught about God, and I did not question my faith. Then, in my early 20s’ between education, and travelling the world, I began to question the religious aspect of my faith. For a number of years I turned away from Catholicism, and explored the natural world and different beliefs associated with our relationship with the earth, and the elements. In Ireland, the ancient Celtic belief systems are subliminally intertwined with Irish Catholicism, and I realized after time that this was where I felt at home in regards to my faith. A place where two worlds meet can be the richest of places. For example in nature, where the sea meets the shore, there is a profusion of life, scents, and sounds that is richer than the sea or land alone. Both together create something richer and deeper and make you feel alive and in tune with the world.


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