• Meet The Maker: Modest Sportswear For the Modern Woman

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    "Our goal is to inspire every woman to live an active lifestyle, to empower women to lead her best life through active living.
    We aim to provide functional yet trendy activewear without compromising your beliefs."

    Many people question why would someone have to cover up so much of their body to work out, to swim, to live their life. We don't believe that's a question to ask but an ideal to honor as everyone's faith has its own rituals. Having faith doesn't mean you fall off the fashion bandwagon. Mumine Activewear gives women a fun and fashion-forward option for the modest woman-from athletes to those just getting off the couch. We wanted to know the inspiration behind owner Jessica's motivation and she gave us some very inspirational answers...


    -What is your definition of faith?

    My definition of faith is believing in God even if you can not see Him, having faith gives you hope and belief in the goodness and kindness of all mankind.

    -How would you define spirituality?

    Finding your inner peace, with yourself and with the world,  a sense of well-being and intuitive guidance.

    -Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful? Or is there a difference?

    I consider myself more faithful but I am exploring the sense of spirituality to find that inner peace and well-being. Faith and spirituality go hand in hand as you can complement your faith with spirituality.

    -Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)?

    As a Muslim, I pray 5 times a day. We have our yearly fasting that is coming very soon and celebrations regarding Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha. Besides that Islam is not only all about praying or fasting but is also a way of life that reflects on how to behave in a proper way through doing good deeds and seeking the pleasure of God that our souls can find true happiness and peace.

    -Do you share your faith with others or keep it private?

    My headscarf is the most important part that you can see regarding my faith.

    -What’s your favorite thing about faith?

    Knowing that if you do good, good will come to you and believing that every test is a blessing.

    -Do you buy gifts, items for your house or items that you wear that are related to faith or spirituality?

    I love headscarves in every color or print and in every size or style.  A part of my closet is solely for my headscarves. (ok we MUST find out which brands Jessica loves!!)

    -Do you have any funny stories related to faith?

    Well, I am a convert born in Belgium and sometimes people ask me where I come from, so I tell them “from Belgium”, so they say: “okay but where are you originally from”. I say again “from Belgium”.
    They say again, “yes okay, but where are your parents from”, I have to laugh and say I was born here, my parents are born here and even my great great grandparents are born here.

    They can’t seem to understand that part because I wear a headscarf. J

    -Do you have any places that remind you of your faith or feel spiritual to you?

    I love to travel to Turkey, they have such beautiful mosques with the most beautiful Islamic arts on the ceilings and walls. Visiting these mosques make one ponder life and our purpose in life.

    Included a picture of my latest visit to the Sultan Ahmet mosque in Istanbul

    sultan ahmet mosque istanbul


    -Did your faith influence you in business and/or what you are creating?

    I have always loved sportswear, but the sportswear of today is all about showing. I do love the prints and special techniques that are used in the latest trends of active wear. We really love the designs of Lululemon and are a source of inspiration where our latest designs are based upon.

    There are some sportswear brands that cater to Muslim women, but I couldn’t find something I really liked and would actually wear and feel good in. Most of them are frumpy or too short. I also love special designs and bright colors or bold prints. That’s something you don’t see in the modest sportswear of today.  So I decided to create my own activewear with designs I would love to wear and that still is in compliance with my faith.

    Thank you for your poignant point of view Jessica. We are in with you & your modest sportswear. FH

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