• Chakras + Feng Shui = The Ultimate Shazam in Home Decor?

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    chakra and feng shui for home decorating

    FaithHaus knows we are all looking for ways to maximize the bang when we choose our home decor. Combining the ancient beliefs in Chakras with the concepts of Feng Shui can do the trick in a contemporary, sophisticated interior.

    Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in your body, and each one is associated with a color. Feng shui is the system of harmonizing your environment and uses symbols to achieve various purposes. Both of these concepts are about spiritual and physical health and well being. Bringing these concepts into the home are easy when you consider colors and symbols when choosing interior elements.

    The seven chakras are represented by the colors of the rainbow: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red- and the ultimate White. Important symbols in feng shui are koi fish, flowers, Quan yin, paper lanterns, butterflies, the mystic knot, Fu dogs and more.

    So we combined the two for the ultimate SHAZAM of living a higher purpose. Here are some fun and stylish ideas from FaithHaus for your house... and your soul.

    Kids need zen too! Violet is the color of the love of humanity and butterflies the symbol of love and freedom. This too cute butterfly rug is higher spiritual attainment at $199.99!

    Love the Legacy Home Koi Indigo Duvet Cover from The Home Decorating Company. This beauty isn't cheap ($684.99 for the King size) but is a good investment in home intuition. Place this in your master bedroom where you can master wisdom and intuition - the indigo traits. The powerful and energetic life force that koi bring are priceless.

    If it's good enough for the president of the United States it's good enough for us!  This beautiful Mottahedeh Blue Dragon Dinnerware is at Gracious Style. The blue brings peace and understanding in the chakra world while the dragon encourages strong and loving relationships. So set the table with a whole set of these dishes and ohmmmm, enjoy. $35 for bread and butter plate.

    Chinese Paper Tassel Lantern

    Refresh your lighting with this lovely paper lantern.  It's a combo of Chinoiserie, the color green (our favorite), and the ability to bring harmony, balance and health. Pop this over a dining table or reading nook and bask in your spiritual glow. Find it at the Paper Lantern Store for only $4.95. Yep, we said $4.95.
    quan yin candle for feng shui
    The pale yellow of natural beeswax is found in this Goddess Quan Yin candle. Quan Yin is one of the major deities in Buddhism and one of the most popular deities used in feng shui as well as with numerous Buddhism followers around the world. Place the statue of Quan Yin in the affected bagua area to neutralize the negative energy and protect you.

    Never place your Quan Yin on the floor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. A height of at least 3 feet is recommended for the best feng shui placement. You can also place the candle close to your front door, facing the entrance. This will create a protective quality of energy at your entrance (the mouth of Chi), as well as the most welcoming sight to be greeted with when coming home.

    Asst. of 2 Foo Dog Bookends, Orange
    The Fu dog is a Chinese symbol of protection, wealth and status. At $49, you can live like a king with these fun and functional resin bookends. Orange is the color of creativity and playfulness, and will help bring equilibrium into your life.  A Zen King, if you will. At One Kings Lane.
    The mystic knot is 6 times infinity. There are so many good qualities related to this symbol - prosperity, longevity, everlasting love and protection. As you can guess, red is the color of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. Hang this on your door handle or handles. Wallflowers watch out! $12.99 at the Mega Feng Shui Shop.
    And finally, WHITE is the color of purity, innocence, wholeness, and completion. It opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive.

    It is true that a baby comes into this world with a perfect balance of white, ready to impart his life with all the colors of the rainbow, the full spectrum from his life experiences. In Feng Shui, the tiger relates to creativity and joy, so why not give your precious tot the biggest, softest one around? This cuddly white tiger is from DougandMelissa.com, $79.99



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  • TAROT CARDS: can you create your own fate?

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    tarot cards to create your fate
    Divination: from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus,
    divine (Wikipedia).
    Tarot cards historically are a form of divination. A tool to help one create their fate. We see it as a possible thread in your life's quilt, a way to help you see where you can make positive changes or invite the light into your life and your spirituality. A deck we fell in love with is from Golden Thread Tarot and we are so happy to feature at FH. The reason why we chose this deck is not only due to the amazing illustrations but the love of the practice and the beautiful energy that went into creating them. The following is in Tina's words which we hope inspire your spiritual self!
    Golden thread tarot card spread

    "Golden Thread Tarot started out as a simple illustration project where I illustrated a card each day. I chose what to design by pulling a random card in the morning. This deck is the product of that project, but I also want to take it further.

    Tarot is an immense part of my own personal journey towards self development. I've always felt compelled to share it with others through readings in my spare time. But I find myself trying to explain away the fear and misconceptions that have been imbued into the cards; that they are not about fortelling your inevitable future, but taking control of it through self knowledge and awareness. This app is the start of that journey.

    The beginning of reaching your full human potential is remembering that there is no such thing as fate, and that your true self is the master of your own destiny, if only you could hear its call."

    Tina, Golden Thread Tarot

    tarot card deck by golden thread tarot

    Tina has taken this a step further by creating an awesome app that features digital, guided readings. There is a database of tarot card meanings, lessons on how to read the cards and the ability to save your readings. The app then analyzes your readings and mirrors your patterns. Going one step further she is launching the Labyrinthos Academy- like a school for witches and wizards that offers a digital experience for learning the tarot.

    Angie Banicki tarot card reader

    Angie Banicki turned her hobby of reading tarot into a full fledged career. She has found her purpose in life by helping others better understand themselves. She's not psychic but instead relies on the cards and her intuition to give readings to her clients. Read the full story on how she became a professional tarot card reader on Cosmopolitan.com

    We hope to get a deck of Golden Thread tarot cards into the hands of Angie Banicki and the love of this divination can be shared by all. Inspiration for those of us at FH...

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  • Meet the Maker: Hunter Soy Candles & Making a Difference

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    While skimming through Instagram last year we came across a feed that stops you. You have to go through ALL their pictures and then you see and feel their message. Ah, it resonates. A beautiful product from a beautiful person and here for the greater good. We had to have (and share! we want to get her message out too...). Let us tell you it's not the easiest to get a hold of but we think that makes it that much sweeter. The owner of Hunter Soy Candles is Hunter. Her inspiration we are so lucky to have had her share with us so read on. We are pretty sure her Maori knowledge will enlighten you too.

    -What is your definition of faith?

    Faith to me, is something that you honestly believe in whether it be a religious value or a personal value. Something that doesn’t define you but keeps you grounded.

    -How would you define spirituality?

    Something that touches us all but only some willing enough to open themselves to having a sense of connection to that something that is far bigger than ourselves.

    -Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful? Or is there a difference?

    I have always had faith, as in having faith within myself first, I feel for this day and age it is important to keep your soul alive by having faith in yourself and to believe that you can strive for any goal that you set for yourself and any challenge that life itself may present can be conquered, it just depends on withier or not you believe in yourself enough to achieve it. Once I grasped onto faith within myself, my heart opened to believe in others including god.

    I come from a strong cultural background and because of our heritage, traditions and beliefs the spiritual concept has always been present and is embraced with a lot of things that we do on an everyday basis. However, I personally have not been spiritually connected other than having the respect & gratitude for our cultural gods; Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) Ranginui (Sky Father) & Tangaroa (God of the Sea). In saying this, I do personally believe there is a spiritual side to every human, we live in an extremely powerful universe and I find it hard to believe that we are only what we see. Birds were given wings to fly, animals have senses far stronger than a human, nature has a ray of emotions that can either destroy us or nurture us. God’s intentions of placing humans on earth was for a reason other than what we know and live for today. All Gods creations like nature and wildlife all have a purpose in life and they know it as they live through each day, they both can live in their own birth form and adapt to their natural habitat, they work with each other and their purpose has never ceased but I feel for many of us humans, we have never found the purpose God intended for us and in most cases, many of us wont.

    -Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)?

    I sage my own home at least once a week, if I feel my surroundings has a bit of negative or a heavy energy I have a New Zealand Maori woman that comes to my home and conducts a traditional ‘sage’. I visit temples often to either just relax or join the Buddhist mediation sessions, a part of me enjoys it because it helps clear my mind and another part of me enjoys it because I do like to respectively embrace other cultures and educate myself so I have a better understanding and appreciation for who they are and the difference they bring to this world.

    In New Zealand, Maori people have a lot of spiritual rituals that are done often, for example; in respect to Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) a karakia (Prayer) is said before entering a forest and taking certain plants from her (most of these plants are used for healing remedies). When it comes to Tangaroa (God of the sea) Maori people never eat fresh seafood while out at sea or on the beach for that matter, it is a respect and gratitude towards Tangaroa for his giving’s as well as preventing the matter of overtaking. Maori people believe if you eat seafood while out at sea, you are then tapu (disregarding a sacred element, something bad can happen to you)

    -Do you think it’s important for youth to have faith? Why?

    I think it’s important for everyone to have some sort of faith, as long as it is a faith that does not place harm on oneself or others. While the world is evolving, some of our actions continue to replicate our history and I feel, in order for our future and its generations to live in humanity, we need to have faith and transition those beliefs into actions to then become positive influences for positive change for our younger generations.

    -Do you share your faith with others or keep it private?

    Majority of my faith is kept private, I come from a Catholic & Christian family but I have my own version of faith and god. Some people may disagree but as far as I see it, as long as one holds a positive faith in god then that’s all that matters. When it comes to my faith in humanity, mother earth and peace I often utilize my social platforms and voice to raise awareness. (WE THANK YOU!!)

    -What’s your favorite thing about faith?

    Probably the fact that it has helped keep me grounded, it’s helped me to remain my true self and because my faith relates to my culture it is the reason why I embrace where I come from and who I am, especially for the fact that I live in another country where culture isn’t embraced or acknowledged as much.

    -Do you buy gifts, items for your house or items that you wear that are related to faith or spirituality?

    No, I only have pieces that have been handed down to me. In our culture, many Maori people will be found wearing a Pounamu or Taonga neck piece. A pounamu is carved from green stone (jade) found in rivers and a taonga is carved from wood or bone and at times may even include pieces of Paua shell (abalone shell). Some carvings can represent a story of an individual, the sea, the earth or their tribal surroundings.



    tiki pounamu





    We have carvings based on Maori designs that have a particular special significance. Our ancestors had no written language so their tribal history and stories were kept using forms of fine arts and crafts. These pieces are then handed down through generations from tribal elders which has made them to become sacred objects. Our carvings that are worn, are worn with respect and is given to a loved one blessed. Each carving tells the history of their tribe and takes on the spirits of past great leaders and warriors who once worn then – it is believed a carving that has been worn by ancestors and many generations contains the spirit of all those people and becomes a powerful treasure.

    We also hold many other items that are passed down, such as a Patu which is either made out of wood or green stone (jade), a Tiaha (spear) both items our ancestors used either in war or for hunting.







    A lot of maori homes you will find a korowai which is a cloak made from features and weaved. Our ancestors used these cloaks to keep warm, to cover their passed ones before burial (which we still do today) but in modern times, a korowai is usually worn on special occasions or significant days i.e graduation. Our traditional pieces and garments are still being handmade today for cultural purposes but unlike our ancestors, in todays modern world we are able to make these all from recycled materials including the feathers for the Korowai cloak.



    Most Maori people will have at least one of these, if not all. One our common cultural givings that most Maori people wear is a Ta Moko which is a tattoo of our Whakapapa (family history) Some people will have their Ta Moko traditionally done with a chisel and some prefer the modern tattooing process, but either way the meaning and story that their Ta Moko tells or represents will remain the same.



    -Do you have any places that remind you of your faith or feel spiritual to you?

    My country New Zealand but of all my home town Waimarama Beach.





    Shameless fact we know- oldest & second largest wine region in New Zealand is Hawke's Bay and they produce delicious wine.  We believe wine is spritual :)


    -Did your faith influence you in business and/or what you are creating?

     It definitely did. My faith in Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) is what lead me to find a way to help contribute to the well-being of our environment and same goes for Tangaroa (God of the Sea) I have always known I was going to become a business woman but I never really knew exactly what, I ventured down a lot of avenues but there was always something missing, I had the passion, the motivation but the element of belief and purpose was never there.

    I eventually began with Hunter Co which is the umbrella for Hunter Soy Candles, Hunt for Ethics and Hunt For Humanity.

    I started making sustainable candles as a metaphor for a light of hope. To use the platform of my website and products to share my culture with others and to utilize the proceeds in helping people in need and being able to provide direct resources for our environment and wildlife.

    Hunt For Ethics is based on showcasing ethical and sustainable products especially for businesses who are also contributing or raising awareness on subject matters that really need society’s attention. It’s a new division with the concept of positive change but my direction is to really reach out to other indigenous or cultural individuals who are small business owners also. There are so many talented people out there but some who I have personally met have either little confidence in themselves or feel intimidated due to racial issues or the vast growing competitors especially on social media like Instagram. So, I feel it’s important for me to help others be noticed and embrace their culture through their business and at the same time, raise awareness and lift the voices of concern including mine when it comes to businesses who use culture un-authentically for a product of trend.

    While we are sponsors for Save The Children Australia, Hunt For Humanity is our business platform where a portion of our proceeds go to in order for us to directly help where needed.


    Beautifully laid out for us. This just makes FAITHHAUS want to sell more Hunter Co and promote the cause. It also make us want to give a shout out to The Biebs as we know he is supposedly the Ultimate Forest Bather. He should burn some Hunter Soy Candles and say a karakia before he enters the forest, and thank Hunter for the tip.

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  • What the heck is a... HAMSA?

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    The hamsa - or fatima - is the "Hand of God": it's a protector, a talisman. It's shaped like a palm often, with the evil eye in the center.

    It is believed to originate from the ancient  Middle East/Northern Africa area, bringing its wearer or owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

    The Hand, particularly the open right hand, is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength.

    It is known as a universal symbol, worn by people of many faiths and by people with a strong spiritual base. It is found in home decor,  jewelry, and art.

    Below is an incredible antique door knocker from an amazing Etsy site (hopefully soon on FAITHHAUS!): ANTEVASINS  $275. Antique Brass from Morocco.


    At FAITHHAUS we love a hamsa in any fashion, but most definitely in gold, maybe even with a tiny rhinestone. Judging from celeb shots in the media, lots of our favorite celebrities do, too!

    Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have all been recently spotted wearing hamsa jewelry.

    The hamsa from Jboutiq

    Lauren Conrad wears one similar to this one at Jboutiq.


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  • Once I Believed in Everything I was Taught about God...

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    Once I believed in everything I had been taught about God, and I did not question my faith. Then, in my early 20s’ between education, and travelling the world, I began to question the religious aspect of my faith. For a number of years I turned away from Catholicism, and explored the natural world and different beliefs associated with our relationship with the earth, and the elements. In Ireland, the ancient Celtic belief systems are subliminally intertwined with Irish Catholicism, and I realized after time that this was where I felt at home in regards to my faith. A place where two worlds meet can be the richest of places. For example in nature, where the sea meets the shore, there is a profusion of life, scents, and sounds that is richer than the sea or land alone. Both together create something richer and deeper and make you feel alive and in tune with the world.


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