• Stocking Stuffers For The Modern Sikhs In Your Life

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    stocking stuffers for the sikhs in your life

    One of the most inspiring things for us at FaithHaus is the interfaith lifestyles of families and friends. The experience of sharing your beliefs, being accepted and loved, and exposing each other to your rituals makes life richer. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in America and many people forget its roots in religion. Everyone is invited to celebrate and why not find gifts that are as meaningful to their spirit as well. Today we pick gifts for our Sikh loved ones that might just enlighten you as well! 

    Men's & Women's T-shirts

    Colors and symbols are important to the Sikh culture. The Kanda is a representation of the double-edged sword. It is the main symbol to the Sikhs, like the Cross is to Christians or The Star of David is to the Jews. The lotus flower signifies enlightenment, beauty from the darkness, and a reminder to stay open. The colors orange and blue are featured often in their dress. Orange is vibrant and presents joy and bliss, worn in the Nishan Sahibs.  Blue is honesty and sensitivity and you see it often in turbans and swags.  $22-$24, shop here 

     sikh kanda and lotus t-shirts

    "Ohm" For Him

    This modern "Ohm" bracelet for men is the perfect reminder to harmonize his life. The Ohm is a sacred and spiritual symbol and a mantra. $34, shop here 

    men's ohm symbol bracelet

    "Ohm" For Her

    Combining silver and gold (good luck!) in this modern 'ohm' symbol necklace. Wear your spirit!  $36, shop here 

    ohm symbol necklace

    Organic Jute Yoga Mat

    Ok, so this doesn't quite fit in the stocking but it's a great gift for the Sikh yogi! This organic yoga mat is made from jute, antibacterial and comes with a breathable carrying bag.   $75, shop here 

    organic jute yoga mat

    Petite Elephant Earrings in Sterling Silver

    The Sikh religion has a divine respect for all animals. And who doesn't love elephants! Petite silver elephant earrings for anyone with piercings! $16, shop here 

     little silver elephant earrings

    Going the extra step in gift giving is easy and VERY meaningful. We want to help you honor the uplifting.

    Love, light, and happy holidays!

    love and light faithhaus

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  • Stocking Stuffers For The Spiritual Man

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    stocking stuffers for the spiritual man

    As the holiday season is in full swing finding meaningful gifts for the spiritual man can be hard. The man in your life (son, husband, co-worker, bestie) has a spiritual vibe that you want to honor but not sure what to get? We've got you covered with the best sellers that help them stay grounded and keep the spirit!

    Men's Spiritual Wrap Bracelet

    The color green represents good luck, prosperity, and vitality. Cotton cord wrapped with vibrant colors and finished with a spiritual bead.  $25, shop here 

    men's spiritual wrap bracelet


     "I Am Enough" X-Long Yoga Mat

    Remind him in his yoga practice that he is ENOUGH. The extra long yoga mat is perfect for the taller guy as well. Sadly it doesn't quite fit in the stocking unless you have an extra large one hanging from the mantle! $86, shop here

    I am Enough extra long yoga mat

    Manly Man Vegan Soap Bar

    Hints of juniper, sandalwood, musk, and cedar will not only make your man smell great with this vegan soap bar, but be clean as well. It's also vegan and cruelty-free! Great for the stocking. $7, shop here

    men's vegan soap bar

    Buddha Vibe T-Shirt

    Subtle and hip, this men's buddha t-shirt is great for gym or out for casual drinks. Help him make his statement that he has style and good vibes! $30, shop here

    men's buddha t shirt

     Strength & Peace Meditation Spray Mist

    He may not even realize that his space can use a little 'spritzing' up and this meditation mist is perfect. Great for a sacred space but also for the office, the gym bag, even the bathroom. Pure essential oils to boost inner strength and evoke a sense of peace. $10, shop here

    strength and peace meditation spray mist

    As always we wish upon you LOVE & LIGHT! Happy holidays to all who celebrate.

    love, faithhaus

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