• L & L Candle Co- Sumptuous soy candles made in Israel

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    Sometimes we get so lucky on Instagram when we stumble across a beautiful product made in a land far away (from us!). Such is the case with L & L Candle Company and their soy candles made in Israel.

    This husband and wife design team has a studio in Kfar Saba, a city in the Sharon region, where each candle is created with the memory of their travels and the sights and smells of those experiences. They are both nature lovers and we have always been attracted to the world of design. Through their candle making, they discovered that they were able to combine both worlds: nature & design. This is why it was important for them to work with soy wax- which is natural, eco-friendly and the process allows them to run free with their creativity.

    This immediately attracted FAITHHAUS, as not only do WE love natural, sustainable and eco-friendly qualities but the laws of all religions tell us to love and respect our planet. Read on for the inspiration behind L & L soy candles.

    Would you consider yourself spiritual or faithful?
    We consider ourselves to be spiritual and faithful.
    We believe that spirituality is transmitted through our energy: our experiences in life, what we believe in, what we've learned and what we want to give and share in life. We believe that the energy we give is the energy that we receive in return.
    For us, having faith is believing in a better world and having hope that what we believe in and desire can happen.
    We believe in G-d, spirituality and energy.
    Orientel Amber Candle
    The Oriental Amber Candle $27. Burns 40 hours. Amber's spiritual properties are balance, harmony, inspiration. It's an exotic and intoxicating scent!
    Sandalwood Soy Candle
    The Sandalwood & Tonka Candle $24. Burns 40 hours. Sandalwood is harmony and peace with a sweet and woodsy smell. Tonka is an oil of initiation. It is warm and caramel-y. The two are the perfect blend for moving forward with grace.
    Lavender Soy Candle
    The Lavender Candle. $30. Burns 50 hours. Lavender is restorative and calming-just what you need when life feels a little out of control. Light then ask your worries to fly away!
    Neroli Soy Candle
    The Neroli Candle XL. $52. Burns 60 hours. Neroli is joy, peace, money and success. The L & L version comes with a hint of cardamom (love) and bergamot (strength). As a matter of fact we need to burn this asap-bring it on.
    Coconut Soy Candle
    Coconut Mini Travel Candle. $15. Burns 20 hours. The healing properties of coconut are indesputable. The scent is universal one-love. It's healing, protecting and smells incredible.
    Patchouli Soy Candle
    The Patchouli Candle. $30. Burns 50 hours. Ahhh, patchouli. Often maligned as the 'hippie fave' but a personal favorite of ours. It's fertility, lust, stimulation (want to have a baby!?) and this one is mixed with a touch of lavender (calming) and vanilla (relaxing) for a blend of sensuality.

    A lot of thought has gone into the blends of the L & L soy candles, using oils with amazing spiritual properties and nature at it's core. Find L & L at www.llcandleco.com and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/llcandleco/.

    Thank you to Mama Bear Musings- our go-to source for essential oil magic and wisdom!




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