• Hosting Your First Seder? The Modern Essentials

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    what you need to host a seder


    FaithHaus has some modern essentials to help you host your first Passover Seder. From the hip dorm room, to the beach-y first bungalow, to the organic urban dwelling- we have handpicked a few items that work with multiple decors. Bonus- we’ve included one of our favorite Passover dessert recipes too!


    passover haggadah

    A prerequisite for the seder is the Haggadah.  This simple set of 5 works for a family or a whole group of friends. At $20 a pack why not get two or three and invite your friends too! Each Haggadah is published on 32 lb. base paper with all natural Kraft paper card stock cover. Chag Sameach!


    modern seder plate

    The foods eaten on Passover are special and have a purpose. The Seder plate allows a space for the seven meaningful foods to be placed and shared with your group. This version is from a designer in Israel named Marit Meisler. Her company is aptly named Cemment as her items are made with cement as a base. Her beautiful and organic creations have an industrial-chic feel. This comes in three colors: white, gray or black.


    modern kiddush cup

    We love that this Jewish holiday REQUIRES one to drink wine. That’s right. The blessings are recited as the Kiddush cup is passed around the table for sips in honor. Again we have chosen a design with a modern simplicity yet a real elegance in black ceramic with 22k gold trim from Tzad Sheni- also an Israeli artist. 


    3 or 6 wick havdalah candle

    On the first and last day of Passover, the candle is lit so one can see the flame, feel the heat, and focus on the blessings. These candles are of pure beeswax for a clean burn and have the faint smell of honey. They come as a braided 3 or 6-wick candle. $10-$15


    passover almond and orange cake molly yeh

     Almond and Orange Passover Cake

    One of our favorite blogs (and Instagram feeds) is MyNameIsYeh from Molly Yeh. She is a vibrant musician that moved to a farm with her husband- from New York.  She has Jewish and Asian roots which you see reflected in her recipes but also this strong Midwestern farm-life that influences her food. Don't miss and psst...this cake is the bomb!


    pomegranate decor for jewish holiday

    The pomegranate is very symbolic in the Jewish culture. It is customarily eaten on Rosh Hashanah and represent good luck, beauty and wisdom. These beautiful, ceramic pomegranates are handmade from white clay and then hand-painted in this vibrant red. $25 each.
    Enjoy this time with your family and friends. We know they will love to learn they why behind the ritual.
    We would like to hear about your first Seder so please send us pictures or comment below. FH

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