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songkran thai new year

Happy New Year Thailand! It's the Thai Songkran Festival 2018 and the celebrations have begun. Songkran is the Thai New Year and it's kicked off by putting on nice clothes and a visit to the temple followed by blessings from the grandparents. The grand finale is a super, street water fight. The origins of the water fights stem from the water that is poured over Buddha statues, the young and the elderly. This is done for purification and a washing away of one's sins and is a sign of reverence. We found a few Thai Songkran 2018 festivals around the world so if you like the idea of purification and celebration here you go:


 thai songkran 2018 los angeles

In Los Angeles, they block a portion of Hollywood Blvd and throw a huge party dedicated to the Thai culture. This is a well attended, fun-filled and colorful celebration that happens on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Click for the Where and When: Thai Songkran 2018 Los Angeles


The Songkran Festival tourist headquarters, Bangkok is celebrating this weekend, April 13-15. April is the hottest month and the Thai people love a good time. Filling the streets with water guns, colorful outfits, and a festive attitude is not to be missed. Click here for the Where and When: Thai Songkran 2018 Bangkok


Songkran 2018 chiang mai

The Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai is one of the most popular for locals and tourists alike. Not the biggest or the longest but definitely the wettest. Get dressed, get your gear and head to the Old City for a water festival not to be missed. Trip Advisor has lots of travelers reviews and suggestions. Songkran Festival 2018 Chiang Mai. 


songkran festival elmhurst Queens 

Queens, NY has its very own Songkran Festival and it's held in Elmhurst. The Thai community is strong and this Thai New Year Festival is growing. Most of the events take place this weekend, April 13-15, but there is also a weekend walk April 21 and a performance April 24th at Carnegie Hall. Check their Facebook page for more! Songkran Festival 2018 Elmhurst


songkran water festival 2018San Francisco hosts a more traditional Songkran Festival. It begins with offerings and blessings at Wat San Fran where you can experience the spiritual side of the Thai New Year. Then head to Golden Gate Park for fun and games. With water and colorful fun, we predict this to be an event that grows in attendance over time. Get in on the excitement while it's still manageable! Songkran Festival 2018 San Francisco

We hope you can find a way to add this New Year blessing in your life. Perhaps you can take some time this weekend to sprinkle water on your friends and loved ones with the intention of purifying and blessing with your love. Making the world a better place, one ritual at a time...

Love, FaithHaus


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