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the top father's day gifts for the spiritual dad

This year, Father's Day falls on June 17th in the U.S. It's largely a secular holiday and is celebrated in countries around the world (on different days). If your dad is spiritual we have the top unique Father's Day Gifts just for him.  The following Father's Day gifts are considered broadly spiritual in nature and can help your Dad reach his higher self. 


deep blue mandala printed yoga mat

Yoga is a great way to stay centered and physically fit. Many dads have realized this and we have the perfect yoga mat for him. A masculine, deep blue color mixes with beautiful mandalas for an uplifting vibe. Extra cushioned and eco-friendly!

$60, Deep Blue Mandala Yoga Mat


tibetan lucky knot bracelet

Lucky knot bracelets are just that- your reminder that luck is on your side. These are made by Tibetan Buddhists, are unisex and fit any size wrist. These adjustable rope bracelets are worn to bring the wearer good luck and to attract all that is good.

$11 or 3 for $30, Buddhist Lucky Knot Bracelets


Homme bound halal beard oil 

A lot of dads have beards and they need to be taken care of. At FaithHaus we have oil that's vegan, kosher and halal! Help him help himself. With luxurious, all-natural ingredients and great scents like sandalwood. Treat that beard right!

$15-$21, Vegan Beard Oil


ceremonial matcha tea

Drinking matcha tea is steeped in tradition. The Buddhists have had tea ceremonies for centuries and drinking this pure matcha is good for the soul and the body. Packed with antioxidants, the ritual of drinking tea can lead to vitality and lasting health. If your dad doesn't drink tea already, maybe it's time to start.

$17-$70, Matcha Tea Set


ru kiln ceramic incense burner

Ru kiln is a type of Chinese pottery, known to be small in size and often times incense burners like the type we have here. It works great with cone or coil incense (find incense here). We like sandalwood for its properties of clearing negative energy and bringing in the positive.

$28, Ru Kiln Incense Burner


Tibetan prayer box or gau

The Tibetan gau (gau means box) is used for prayer. Like an amulet, it can be carried around or used in your sacred space during meditation or prayers. The handmade Tibetan prayer box is made from copper or brass paired with antique cow leather. The lucky flower is carved around the box which holds the Buddha in the center. These are antique pieces and each is a little different.

$50, Tibetan Prayer Box/Gau


om leather journal fathers day gift

Writing out your thoughts and feelings is a great way to stay in touch with yourself. If your dad isn't journaling already, help him start with this beautifully crafted leather journal stamped with the 'Om' symbol on the front.                   

$40, Om Leather Journal


We hope your dad feels extra special (and spiritual) on Father's Day. At FaithHaus we are all about spiritual health - which we think leads to physical health as well. Love & light!



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