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the first day of spring 2019

Happy Holi and More! 
Today marks Holi, the Spring Equinox, Ostara, Purim, and its a Super Worm Moon!! Tomorrow Aries emerges. Wow 🌟⭐️ Let’s roll gang and here’s how:
happy holi 2019
...Holi- the Hindu celebration of love, earth’s renewal and the victory of the superior over the immoral. Wear your colors, show your colors, tell anyone you love them ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜
Spring Equinox rituals
...The Spring Equinox- eat fresh greens. Symbolic of the earth’s fertility and the abundance you are open to receiving 🥗
ostara altar
..Ostara- your Pagan and Wiccan friends are also celebrating earth’s renewal. Make an altar or add to yours an egg and some Spring flowers. Light your candle and give thanks for all the earth provides you and be open to abundance in the season. 🥚
happy purim hammantaschen
..Purim- commemorating the saving of Jewish people from Hamam who was set to kill them all. Celebrate your freedom and the sweetness of life with some hamantaschen- little cookie pillows with different delicious fillings (see @mollyyeh for recipes) 🍪
super moon super worm moon
...Super Worm Moon- it’s a Super Full Moon! Close to the earth and big, the power of the moon is undeniable. The perfect time to cleanse with salt. Take a bath with some Epsom salts, add coconut milk powder, dried flowers, and sage for clarifying 🛀
aries the ram
...Aries- the Ram is no joke, well, Sometimes. The leader of the zodiac and the cheerleader of the world, when you need a gamer this is your go to. Honor the Aries with citrus essential oil. Invigorating and fresh like the new season 🍊
nowruz celebration
Thursday, March 21st as the sun moves into Aries, the Persian New Year begins.
 Celebrated by 300 million people around the world, the special day features fireworks and symbolic items to wish one another prosperity and shedding of the past. 

Welcome all the changes and know that you can be open to abundance, love, freedom and share that with all you touch. Learn from those around you as we say- making the world a better place, one ritual at a time...

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