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harvest celebrations lammas and lughnasadh

This week kicked off with two celebrations that have similar concepts: Lammas (Christian) and Lughnasadh (Pagan) on August 1st. They rejoice in the harvest-as this time of year in certain regions is so bountiful with its production of plant life and edibles. Historically, this is the first harvesting of wheat and with that we give thanks for what will sustain us through the colder winter months.

We have compiled a few easy ways to add Harvest ritual into your life. 


bresola wrapped persimmons with arugula

It may be the start of Harvest but while it's still warm out we think salads. The earth is producing so many amazing foods right now and this recipe from Bon Appetit for Bresaola-Wrapped Persimmons with Arugula hits the spot. Peaches are big in our region so we decided to swap those out for the persimmons. Yum! 


 yoga rituals for harvest season

We love the yogaseasonal site for fitness by the season. They have all sorts of ideas on how to work on your physical self depending on what time of year it is. The Lammas holiday is about unconditional love- for yourself and others. 


rose geranium essential oil

Rose geranium is great for reproduction (love anyone??) and skincare. Double duty during the hot summer months. Use this with an oil burner or mix with vodka and a little water to make a spray (good for room or body). At $5, how can you afford not to? Shop here

ceramic buddha incense burner

This little ceramic buddha has a secret...the top comes off and there's a place for your essential oils. Use the rose geranium oil or a little patchouli and fill your space with love!  $35, Shop here


peridot crystal

Peridot is protective and associated with love, faithfulness and loyalty. Remember this season is about unconditional love? So crystals are a great addition to your meditation or prayer sessions to help manifest these qualities. Bliss Crystals on Etsy is a great shop to get these and they are very affordable. Place them on your altar or in your sacred space and manifest love! 


harvest moon

There's a lot happening with the planets this August too. The sun warms the earth and produces a bounty of foods and the planets are active with new moons and eclipses. We turn to Janet Amid for some guidance at this time. Zoos are watching their animals this month because of all the celestial goings-on which means you should pay attention too! 


Remember to love others, the earth, and yourself. 

Love & light!

love and light faithhaus


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