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What is modern faith? Do we know- we’re not sure. But we could follow our gut- which has told us some happening things LONG BEFORE it was mainstream. We aren’t psychic we just pay attention to currents. Current media, trends, youth, people, feelings, life. We think modern faith will be a mix. We think for some people it will have deep roots in tradition but we also think for many- and specially- young people it will be a hybrid. It feels like they will- and are- taking things that are important to them from the root of what they were raised with and combining it with religion and faith at large. Things they see and hear that they then pick and choose to apply to their life. and FOR THE GOOD. We really believe with all the bad we hear that the presence of faith will become stronger and more global and more encompassing in the near future and beyond. Yes there will be resistance and argument but isn’t that what change for the GOOD is all about? We are loving these scarves/KEFFIYAH from Semitic Swag and they have taken their share of heat. But love them, wear them, do it your way. Fashion has the ability to change. RE-interpret and make your statement and stand behind it. Faithhaus approved.







AM YISRAEL BRACELET ($20) This one of a kind ‘Am Yisrael’ bracelet // is a stylish way to express your Semitic pride, fusing iconic imagery with modern design highlighting the Semitic orient of this ancient people. These handmade bracelets measure 1.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long with a metal magnetic clasp.

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