Write For FaithHaus

We love ritual! Celebrations, rites of passage, meaningful events and ways that you pray. We want to hear about these moments and share them with others. At FaithHaus, we believe that's what makes the world go round. Seeing that while our paths may seem different the destination is the same and the best way to understand those paths is to experience them. We are looking for contributions from all over the world, the rituals you have just experienced in your travels, the ones your family has done for generations, the new ones you will create for yourself.  

How Does This Work?

Here at FaithHaus, we are always looking for humorous and insightful writing about your faith or spirituality. One of our main tenets is One Love, the idea that we can accept and love each other even if we believe in a different religion, spirituality or faith. With that in mind, the submissions need to be free of judgment we look forward to the beauty, humor, compassion, and tips that make your moments so special. A few things we love:

  • Humor: Life can't be too full of belly laughs. Did you bring spinach salad with bacon to a Shabbat dinner? Trip over your gown while altar serving? Get hiccups while the witch doctor performed a once-in-a-lifetime healing ritual? You get the idea. Religion and spirituality is real life and we would love to share in the fun.
  • What Is Your Definition of Faith: Are faith, spirituality, and religion all the same? What is your definition and which one applies to you? We think that by sharing our ideas of what faith means to us we can see that we aren't so far apart in our thoughts. We can't wait to hear. 
  • Do You Have Specific Rituals?: Do you have specific rituals that you do in relation to your faith or spirituality (meditation, prayer, celebrations, etc)?
    Tips and Tricks aren't just for makeup. 
  • Meaningful Locations: Churches, temples, mosques, sacred spaces. What places take your breath away, transport you to another place, bring you to your knees to pray? Share with our readers so they can add these spots to their bucket lists or close their eyes and feel the energy. 


Please email us with your ideas or written piece to hello@faithhaus.com. Any story could be the right fit and we will let you know within 24 hours. Since you have found yourself here you know what we are about and we expect your writing to be fit our narrative (remember, One Love). We are looking for experiences, How-To's, travel tips, rites of passage and your stories on faith and spirituality. Please include the main idea in the subject line and know that we can't guarantee your story will be published. We will pass on edits if we feel it will help the flow which you can approve before publication. 

Pictures and videos are AWESOME and encouraged. Ritual is something to be seen so feel free to send us any or all and we will let you know if they will be published. Please tag us on social @FaithHaus and #prayyourway

Love & Light!