Aries Symbol Handmade Leather Journal

$ 32.00
$ 32.00

Genuine handmade leather journal embossed with the Aries astrological zodiac symbol and the words “independent and optimistic.” Aries are the leaders of the zodiac, natural cheerleaders and loyal friends. The journal is encased in a rich brown leather cover with a string tie closure and stitched in paper, giving it an old world feel.  

Whether you’re using it to record memories, travel adventures, or random thoughts and brilliant ideas this is an excellent companion to keep within reach.

  • Journal size is 5" wide x 7" long x 1" deep
  • Genuine leather cover material 
  • Paper is tree-free and environmentally friendly
  • 100 pages of white color handmade cotton paper with sublet specks of fiber
  • Comes standard with unlined/ blank 125gsm paper which is bleed-resistant and fountain pen friendly



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