Avalanche-Vitamin Beard Oil From Homme Bound

$ 15.00
$ 15.00

Beard oil helps that scruffy beard to be as soft and coiffed as the hair on your head. It also does double-duty moisturizing your face at the same time! Use right after washing for ultimate care and these from Homme Bound are vegan, kosher, AND halal.

Avalanche-A fresh, sporty aquatic fragrance, with top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin and fresh ozone, followed by gentle middle notes of watery-green-leaf, jasmine, neroli and rosemary, and ending with musky notes of cedar and amber.

Ingredients:  Coconut Fractionated-MCT 60/40 (Cocus nucifera), proprietary fragrance oil. Vitamin B Complex (B2, B5, B6, B7, B12).

Phthalate Free. Alcohol Free. No animal products or byproducts. Halal, kosher & vegan.

Warning: For external use only. Keep away from children.

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