Carnelian, Pyrite, and Spinel Mala Beads from Mirah Naturals

$ 900.00
$ 900.00
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Mala beads- or prayer beads- are commonly used while chanting or praying. Some are worn as a reminder of your spiritual commitment. The stunning mala beads from Mirah Naturals are made with the highest quality beads and meditation and spirituality a part of the creative process.

Bring on the passion! These beautiful orange beads are full of energy and motivation.

The mala is 96cm plus a 7cm silk tassel.

Carnelian (Brazil) ~ base, sacral & solar plexus chakras ~ fire element

Grounding, stabilizing and giving you the love of life.

Pyrite (India) ~ solar plexus ~ earth element

Increase stamina and physical performance. Manifest your ideas.

Black Spinel (Tanzania) ~ all chakras ~ water element

Renewal, encouragement and balancing the rise of kundalini.


Special order.


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