Ceramic Shabbat Candle Holders by Yahalomis

$ 105.00
light blue
$ 105.00
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For the modern home with time-honored traditions, these Basalt Candle Holders are minimalist and beautiful. Handmade in Israel from a unique material developed in-house, local Basalt Rocks clay, and ceramic; your choice of three colors to go with any decor (why not get them all!). Perfect for Shabbat or any occasion and makes a unique and chic gift.

This contemporary set includes 4 candle holders:
2 holders in the natural Basalt rock color, for taper candles,
standing on top of 2 holders in white, light blue or turquoise, for tea-light candles.

Tall Holders – H: 17.5 cm x 6.5 cm.

Allow 7-10 days shipping direct from Israel

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