Concrete Mezuzah With Gold Leaf From Cemment

$ 90.00
$ 90.00
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In order to make your home an 'honorable dwelling' a mezuzah is placed outside the door and affixed to the frame. These beautiful mezuzah are handmade in Israel from concrete and finished with a coat of gold leaf. Perfect gift for wedding or housewarming.

    • Dimensions in inches:
      M6: W 1 1/4“ x L 5/8 ” x H 6”
      M9: W 1 1/4“ x L 5/8 ” x H 7 1/2”
    • Dimensions in milimeters:
      M6: W32 x L17 x H150 mm
    • M9: W32 x L17 x H190 mm

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