Cone Incense 'Caron' by Age of Earth

$ 14.00
$ 14.00
What's your ritual? Incense has been used in many ceremonies and has been around since the ancient Egyptians. It was used to repel demons and appease the Gods. This blend of richly scented tobacco, blue spruce with its pure intention, and clove which protects and activates the spirit is the perfect incense for your sacred space. Intend and light.
Contains 12 cones & one cone burner.
Never leave lit cones unattended and place cone burners on heat-safe surfaces only.

Age of Earth Collective offers a unique line of intricate fragrances, encapsulating incense blends, and botanical-derived skincare remedies with the intention of rekindling the harmonious relationship between the mind, body, & spirit. Located in the whimsical Pacific Northwest, each product is made by channeling elements of nature that surround each moment. 

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