Christmas Gnome-Tomte-Nisse-Medium Felt Doll

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$ 25.00
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For people of Scandinavian descent the Christmas gnome is a decorating staple and the perfect Christmas gift. Also known as the tomte or nisse, these cute felt creatures complete your holiday decor.

This adorable, hand-stitched Christmas gnome from Urban Design is made of red felt, fur, plastic (for stiff body) and a wood nose. A bead-stuffed bottom helps him stand up.This is for the medium size doll which is 10 inches tall from bottom to top of hat and 3 inches wide. Slight variations on each as they are handmade.

This adorable Christmas Gnome, Swedish Tomte/ Nisse will provides the perfect holiday cheer to your home.

Made to Order: please allow extra time for hand crafting and delivery!

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