Face Serum from Mirah Naturals

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$ 55.00
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"Creating sacred connections for the goddess within you"

This wonder serum is made with the finest therapeutic grade essential oils sandalwood (balance), frankincense (healing), rose geranium, patchouli (grounding), valor & joy in a blend of avocado, argan, jojoba, carrot seed and evening primrose oil. This is a non-greasy formula, light on the skin, anti-aging, antibacterial, calming and rejuvenating...what isn't there to love? Mother nature at her best.

20ml dropper top bottle for ease of application.

Recommended use

A few drops alone or under makeup. Also great with a blending sponge alone or mixing with foundation.

Formulated by Mirah Naturals for small batch artisan production on the island of Bali and packaged in Western Australia.

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